My Baby Girl is 18 Today!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Jul 12, 2013.

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    You heard right - Jessi is 18 today! She is not planning anything big, her choice. She is totally my daughter and insisted on making her own birthday cake! Hershey's Dark Chocolate Cake with cherry pie filling and stabilized whipped cream. YUM!!! Of course all from scratch. She wants lasagna but not the mess of homemade so I got the big frozen one that she likes.

    It hardly seems like yesterday since I was all pregnant and grumpy and started labor so she was born in the morning. I can remember waiting for what seemed like forever for her to make that first cry because she didn't for almost 2 minutes, and I couldn't even see her. Then, when she started, WOW! Boy was she loud and it was the sweetest sound I had ever heard.

    She is going to take some more time to launch, and will likely get her GED and head to college classes in the next year. Her friends just graduated but wtih her health problems she is taking another year. She doesn't know what she wants to do but she has a lot of ideas. I am happy for that because it means many doors are open for her when she is ready to go through them.

    Right about now 18 yrs ago my mother was having a fit because they sent me home from the hospital (less than 24 hrs after the birth was standard then. I wanted my baby OUT of the hospital because they had just had a major problem with MRSA and almost had a baby stolen. I did not want her out of my sight or in a hospital at all, which drove my mother totally up the wall because she wanted us to stay in the hospital for three or four days at least.
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    Happy Birthday to Jess!:hapBday:
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    Happiest Birthday wishes to your Jess!

    Love and hugs,
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    Happy Birthday to you both!
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    Happy birthday, Jess!
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    Happy Birthday to Jess!
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    Oh that cake sounds wonderful! Hope her birthday is lots of fun.
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    Happy birthday jess!!!! :)
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    Happy birthday Jess and happy labor day mom! :)
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    Happy birthday Jess
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    Congrats, Jess!!!!!