My baby has just picked up glass and slit his wrist......


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Paula, I'm not a doctor but I can almost guarantee that ODD isn't a stand alone diagnose in your son's case. I have know idea how assessments are done in Australia, I just hope he shows his true colors so that you can start getting him the help he needs.


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"Got a call today from dept of aged, disability and homecare..Still not sure who got in touch with them..." - definitely not me, Paula (not that I could anyway). It could have been the hospital belatedly deciding someone needed to look in - the system is increasingly involved in follow-up - from what easy child has been telling me about her job, increasingly she's chasing up patients after discharge because the referrals don't come through in time. DADHC sound like the mob called on me when difficult child 3 was two, only back then they WERE a branch of DOCS. And it didn't take an IQ test for them to drop difficult child 3 like a hot potato when they said that he would not "qualify as retarded" because he was already using a computer, reading, doing maths and playing the piano. But folks, he's not talking and not responding. Face it, the system is an idiot.

You're loaded with questions (understandably) and need answers fast. I'm glad the mental health mob now are treating this seriously. I do wonder if it was a panicky paediatrician who pulled strings. After all, we've had a lot of news stories in the last couple of years, of tragedies involving autistic kids whose families were overwhelmed. Health professionals and other related professionals don't want themselves names as neglectful in the evening current affairs. Don't believe they care - just count on their own self-interest to get you and your son the help you need.

Wed at 3.30 pm - they're not planning a long consult, then. Here's hoping it's an initial to determine if the problem is still a concern - make sure they know that it is. And it IS possible to have two (or more) co-morbid diagnosis. I think the ODD is a smokescreen - there are underlying issues that have not been thoroughly evaluated, in my opinion. Autism may very much be an issue, but without a thorough evaluation you can't be sure what else. And you have done EVERYTHING - it just takes time. And right now, time is something you can't afford. Too much has been wasted already and it's just not right. I still think impending school return is a possible factor in his actions - he had a horrible time last year due to the school not knowing how to cope.

So don't feel guilty - you have done, and are doing, everything you can. If education professionals and health professionals are now running round like chooks with their heads cut off, and THEY are supposed to be the professionals, don't feel bad if you feel overwhelmed too. It's parental prerogative.

I shouldn't be posting this much, I'm not in good shape right now but I hope to be more on deck in another 12 hours. I'm contactable if you need me, but you're already doing everything you need to do. If you can get some time out tomorrow, spoil yourself if you can. You need it.