My baby started high school!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by flutterby, Aug 25, 2009.

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    She did it! I am so proud of her.

    She re-enrolled in regular school. :woohoo: We got her schedule on Friday and easy child's girlfriend walked it with her on Friday and again on Monday so she wouldn't be completely lost. (I tried on Friday but after spending 45 minutes and having no idea how we had gotten from point A to point B, I called in reinforcements. ;) )

    Today was 1/2 day - freshman in the morning, upper classmen in the afternoon.

    And it seems she may have made a friend! She said she talked to a girl in her gym class and to the same girl at the end of the day. She doesn't remember her name. :slap: I told her to pay attention when attendance is called so she can hear her name.

    difficult child was a nervous wreck last night. I sat and talked with her for a while until it became apparent that she was just going to perseverate as long as I was there. So, I told her to try to get some sleep and she did.

    I'm so proud of her! This is a huge step.

    And no more homeschooling for me!

    There was one kid - isn't there always? - who made a nasty comment. One of her teachers didn't have her on his list and she had to take her schedule up to his desk. One boy laughed and said he was going to start dressing like that now (the clothes she wore today were really tame in comparison). I want to go in there and smack him, of course, but difficult child didn't seem to be too phased by it. Or she is at least acting like she isn't. She was kind of matter of fact about it. Which is good because bullies only like to get a reaction and if they don't get one, they move on. And easy child told her to wait until tomorrow when all of the kids are in school and the freshman aren't the big fish they think they are. easy child said he'll get an attitude adjustment.
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    Congrats to your difficult child! What a tremendous milestone!
  3. totoro

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    I am so proud of her and so happy for you!
    Good for her for letting the jerks comments roll off of her back. Even if they keep up, keep boosting her spirit!
    She can do this. I am one who never fit in and never tried, eventually I learned to just not care. I ended up having friends of many types. Even though I still hung with the other nerds and outcasts! LOL

    So proud of her!!!
    You relax at least for a few moments!
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    WOW, that is huge. Hope it goes great!
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    :bravo: Sounds like difficult child was strong and determined. Good for her!!

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    I'm very proud of her! This is huge!
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    Congrats! Glad she made it through her first day.
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    Most excellent!

    And good job easy child too.