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    My ability to spell accurately has gone to the wayside as I have gotten older. I don't know why but tend to think it's a combination of things. Sometimes I go to an online dictionary to correct it and other times I don't. What is currently bugging me though is the word "loosing". I had always thought that "lose" was the correct spelling when referring to something getting lost and "loose" referred to something that was not tight- unless it meant that girl who....well, never mind. LOL! Anyway, I looked in a dictionary and I'm still interpreting that "losing" is the correct spelling for something getting lost, but you ladies here have always had much better spelling than me so I am asking you- what exactly am I missing with this?
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    "losing" would be something getting lost (or losing a game). "Loose" is something that is not tight. The verb form is "loosening". Something for example taken off a leash would be "loosed"

    English is a wonderful language. I have nothing but respect for immigrants who manage to learn to speak good English. It is an extremely difficult language.
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    I'm a really bad speller myself. I remember being so excited when I started my first job that required word processing as opposed to the typewriter - Spellcheck!!!!

    Now my Mac laptop corrects my spelling as I type!

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    The trouble with Spellcheck is when what you have typed is also a real word - Spellcheck doesn't know the difference. The version of Word I had on my office computer also ran a grammar check when you used Spellcheck, but it was wrong more than it was right. It doesn't know when you have used the wrong form of a word.