My Boss, help.

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Jody, Mar 29, 2012.

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    My boss has been gone almost two years, he has come back, and oh boy. He has had three bank surgeries and supposedly was working from home. We are all miserable. I don't know if this qualifies as some type of sexual harassment or if it is just not professional. It definately makes everyone very grossed out and uncomfortable. He recently fired his wife, who worked here for 6 years. She filed for divorce and he fired her. Yeah, thats another legal issue. I work for an association of doctors., this is not his privately owned business. Anyway, he discusses with me how many bowel movements he has everyday. When he comes out of the bathroom, he says that was like a volcano, Mt. Vesuvius or something. Then he will go back in and say finished with round three. Today he said he had nightmares about there being picture of private parts published in our magazine that we put out. Those are not the exact words he used, but i can't put that on here. He has made other remarks about private body parts in front of a whole group of women, he thinks if she uses the medical term that it is okay. Not. He feels the screws from his surgery in the back of his mouth, the screws that keep his back and behind together I guess, all the the day, my a****** hurts, it's all day long. It just never stops, He talks about prospective clients come in as beauty queens if they are good looking. Ugh, I can't quit, but don't want to continue to have to work like this. The other girls are just as disgusted. Oh yeah, his mom is driving him back and forth to work. Now this is disgusting. She had a rice bag, that smelled like perspiration, she warmed it ip in the microwave and put it on her stomach for a tummy ache. Our work microwave. Then she brought it up to me, and said feel it, it feels good. Um no way, I can smell it a block away. Gross, Gross, Gross, I no longer have anywhere to heat up my food. Yuck. He calls his Mother, Miss Daisy. Oh I can't take it. None of us know what to do. We have mentioned these things to the board of Directors, they do nothing. Any suggestions please, and thank you for letting me vent.
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    Jody does your employing group have an HR person? Anybody at all in charge of employee relations? If not I think you're up the creek. The only thing I can suggest is that you get a notebook and record each and every inappropriate comment or action. At some point that may come in very very handy. Sorry you have such pressure. Hugs DDD
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    Do as DDD says, only see if the other staff will do the same, too. Multiples of the exact same stories and observations, packs more punch.

    Was he always like this? or just since he came back? If it's new, it could be related to early stages of dementia, for example - in which case, the board of directors SHOULD be interested...
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    I just talked to one of our Board Members. They are going to talk to the President tonight and see if something can't be done. He has always been this way, but he is getting worse and worse. He lies and lies. All of us here are together and will talk about his ways and topics of conversation that are just not cool. The Board member assured me that we would not be fired.
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    There really is power in numbers. If the WHOLE staff has a problem? much harder to ignore than if he's just this way to one person...
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    Sounds like you're on the right tract, Jody. You did good, now be sure to document everything!