My bread maker bit the dust...suggestions needed

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I mentioned in the good morning thread that my bread maker finally gave up the ghost after 10 years of very regular use. I feel like a member of the family has passed & we should have some sort of memorial service. :rofl:

What are you using? Since I've had this one so long, I haven't a clue what the latest & greatest is out there in bread machines.

Sooo - any suggestions? :grin:


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My bread "makers" have never broken and hopefully I will never have to find replacements!

My hands!

What can I say??

I'm a purist. :wink:

Good luck. I would have no idea what to recommend!


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I bought a never worked! I tried about 10 times using various mixes, using several recipes I found online with never rose. I finally tossed the sucker in the trash.

I wanted it to work so bad because it sounded like such a wonderful idea but alas, me and fresh bread werent meant to be. Probably for the best or I would weigh 400 pounds by now.


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I like my Zojorushi. I haven't had mine long but they are supposed to last a long time. It makes a long, short loaf like a regular loaf of bread. Maybe that is common now, but my last breadmaker made a tall round loaf. It is programmable so you can change the timing of the cycles if you want to. It does take up a lot of counter space. I couldn't find it in the store so I ordered it online.

I have also heard good things about the Breadman.


Linda: I have a Sunbeam Breadmaker, pretty much without bells and whistles. It has held up better than my previous Black and Decker model.

Mine is used primarily to mix dough for whatever I happen to be making. I then take the dough out and shape it by hand and bake in the oven - I am not wild about the shape and texture otherwise.


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I used to see them all the time at garage sales. People bought them but never used them. That's what I would do if mine died. The price is right! :wink:
I use a Regal "Kitchen Pro" bread maker that I have had for at least 7 years - and I love it. Sometimes I use it just to make dough - but I usually let it do the whole loaf thing. I have found that the bread is best when I take it out of the machine about 5 minutes before the buzzer, and then take it out of the pan immediately. It doesn't usually get a chance to cool much - because it smells too good to wait before devouring it.

Mine has a timer on it so I can put the ingredients in at my convenience - and have fresh bread when I get home!

There is nothing like coming home to a crockpot full of stew and a loaf of fresh, hot, homemade bread! Ahhhhh - the smell of home!!!



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Amy, what time is dinner? Set a place for me, please. I'll bring the wine.

Suz :smile:


I have the sunbeam. An old one. Works great. Course, ain't used it in 10 years!

But you're making me hungry, I love warm bread.


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I got my husband a Zojorushi (sp?) it was recommended highly by King Arthur Flour (check out website, they make some of the best bread flour). My husband was into making artisan breads but is finding he really likes the bread machine. It supposedly does a better job than hand kneading. It also has a jam cycle (makes freezer jam). He's working on a recipe for chocolate cherry bread! Anyway, I highly recommend it.

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Okay - gonna have to do more research on this.

Janet, sorry you never got yours to work - I love setting this thing up before going to bed & having fresh warm bread for breakfast in the morning.

Amy, if you invite Suz for dinner you have to invite the rest of us - or I'm telling! :rofl:

This isn't a big rush until kt totally transitions home. She loves helping bake the weekly bread; told husband she wants to be in charge of this "duty". :bravo:


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Amy, if you invite Suz for dinner you have to invite the rest of us - or I'm telling! :rofl:

[/ QUOTE ]

Linda is right, Amy. No cliques allowed!!! I'll bring the wine. :smile:


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I use a Breville bread maker. The newer model has a paddle that lies down flat. It also has a chute that loads things like nuts and fruit right before rising, so they don't get too mushed up. It also has a timer so you can set it.

Janet, you should have taken your dud bread machine back to the shop - sounds like its element was burned out. You could have at least got your money back - "not fit for what it was designed for".

The thing with bread machines - they MUST live on the bench. If they don't, you never get around to using them because they're darned heavy. if they're out all the time you use them all the time. If they're away, you don't use them and they take up precious cupboard space. I bake an average of a loaf a day. Sometimes it's continental bread, sometimes it's plain rolls, sometimes it's flavoured rolls, sometimes brioche or croissants. lately I'm baking a milk loaf fortified with eggs and a dab of butter, for a softer crust. Gotta do one first thing in the morning. In fact. it's almost 2 am now (can't sleep) so if I stay up much longer I can put a loaf of bread on and get someone else to get it out in the morning.

I'd use my hands if I could, but they don't work too well these days. I can still shape dough, though. if I'm having a busy day I'll put it on DOUGH setting and as soon as I take the dough out for shaping, I'll set another lot on, shaping the first batch of dough while the second batch is being worked by the machine. As I mentioned on the morning thread, I find the dough proves best in a cold oven that is warmed by the oven light only. The electric light bulb seems just enough.

Good luck in getting a good replacement.