My brother is a poopie head

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    Dear, sweet boy that he is....he's been texting me updates the last few days while he and our Dad are in NYC. Sometimes he sends me pictures of where he is (Times Square, the view of the Manhatten skyline from Brooklyn....or the Bronx...whichever), sometimes it's just a line or two to update me.

    Last night was a concert at Jones Beach either at or near Long Island. An Aerosmith and ZZ Top concert. AND his uncle T (my step-mom's brother) is on Aerosmith's crew. Part of the plan for the NYC trip was for T to get Dad and poopie head tickets for the show. They didn't get tickets.

    They got all access passes.

    Between the two poopie heads (bro and dad) I got no less than 6 texts during the concert.

    To make matters worse, I was at my dad and step-mom's last night babysitting my niece. When I got in my car to leave.....ZZ Top was on the radio.

    Poopie heads hoover. :angrygirl:
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    A quick way to get those annoying texts to stop is to tell him you were sorry that he was so bored during the {insert event here}.

    He will be surprised to hear you say such a thing. "What? Bored? What do you mean?"

    You just respond "Well, you couldn't have been having that much fun if you were texting me every few minbutes. Heck, I was too busy to read half the messages you sent until I got back from {insert event here}."

    That should shut him up!

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    LOL good idea daisy :)