My brother, the dog (and how we got stranded 30 minutes from home!)

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    My brother was going out of town to pick his daughter up for the weekend. He's broke (as usual). We offered to pay the gas to get a ride there and back again Sunday when he drops daughter back home, so we could see my mother in law for the weekend. She's been so lonely since father in law passed at the end of the summer.
    Anyhow, it was a fiasco. His g/f was gone out of town with a female friend to a play etc for the weekend, so he was travelling with another friend (in the friends car). First, he upped the price for the gas with no reason at the last minute after also trying to say he was dumping us at a nearby town to where we were going, just so he could avoid an extra 10 minute drive up the highway to my mother in law's town. It would have meant S/O, easy child and I waiting over 2 hours in a scuzzy downtown city transit station in a bad part of town in a city I loathe. I said well I think we'll pass on that and get my brother in law to come pick us up in the morning instead. Suddenly my bro says oh no worries, we'll drive you all the way there (this right before jacking up the price for gas, which was insane, more than taking a greyhound bus for 2 adults and a child - RETURN trip).
    We get 30 minutes out of town, he wants to light a cig. I said sorry, but really, easy child's in the car so you aren't going to smoke in here right (not to mention it is a LAW here now for no smoking with kids, but I didn't say that). He made a nasty uncalled for remark. I said nothing, he didn't light up. We hit a town, he gets friend to pull over and gets out for a cig. He slams the door to a stunned audience (all of us plus his friend). Then he gets all nasty about how this "detour" (driving us to mother in law's even though that was what we paid for and he'd said originally was the plan) was goign to make him late to his daughters moms. HUH? He'd phoned her to say he was running late not 10 minutes before on his cell, and his ex was fine with it. I tried to get him to chill out, was nice, tried to explain it was fine, ex was fine with it, the delay won't be long etc. He went off on me fiercely.
    He carried on for over 10 minutes, by now all of us (except easy child) were standing outside the vehicle. I finally couldn't listen to his rage/rant (difficult child does NOT describe it) and told him to knock it off and not talk to me like a bag of Curds (censoring myself here) and that this needed to stop. He flung our money at us (well a portion of it, nowhere near the money we paid) and told us to walk!!!!
    He got back into vehicle and his face scared easy child, so out she came too. So I'm fuming and the friend is freaking out and S/O is thinking what just happened? And easy child was upset. I was steaming beyond steaming.
    His friend said she couldn't believe he acts like that, I muttered just be glad you're not his sister, or worse, stuck dating him. She looked at me like a deer in headlights and said "What do you mean? Of course I'm dating him. I've been with him since I first met you months ago".
    SAY WHAT????
    I was not tactful, and I'm horrified about that. But it is done and I can't undo it. I said well if you think you're his g/f you might want to mention that to the g/f that he's been seeing for near to 6 months now, that slept at his place last night, that is only not with him tonight cuz shes out of town, who was at my home for thanksgiving and who is spending Christmas with my family.
    He then comes out of the car, don't blame him for being peeved beyond belief for getting caught out. But was he? Nope, now he was all get in the beeping car Melissa and let's go.
    I confirmed with S/O that he had gotten money back from bro, and off he, easy child and I went. My parting word when he screamed at me (he finally clued in this woman was now aware she wasn't "THE ONE", wasn't even the ONLY one) and called me a boat load of names was lose my number.
    We had to walk 30 minutes to find a place to call a taxi, which cost me more than $100 to get us home from this town.
    mother in law is so disappointed, easy child and S/O and I are as well.
    My brother is such a dog. I loathe him.
    His "other" g/f is a wonderful woman and she and I have gotten very close over the past 6 months or so. She's calling me Sunday to come for tea to tell me about her weekend away and bring pics etc. OMG! I hate being in this position. Did I mention I loathe my brother?????)

    I swear, truth can be stranger than fiction
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    If it was me I'd tell her. I've been cheated on, and I've unknowingly been the other woman, which I discovered when I met his wife (needless to say his story was blown right there). His now ex-wife and I became friends, we all had mutual friends and not one mentioned anything. Would have been nice if they had. Also would have nice to know when a guy I was seeing was trying to get a friend of mine into bed and she was scared to tell me what scum he was, she thought I'd be mad at her, she told me after we broke up. I was like, if you'd told me I'd have dumped him sooner! Yeah, I can sure pick 'em, eh? lol
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    *sigh* I've been through this with him before, and I told his ex. I didn't feel good about it, I didn't want to see her hurt and yet I didn't want to be sucked into the games he plays. He was told plain and clearly last time (it's been several years since that incident, but it wasn't the first time by any means) to keep this koi out of my life, what I don't know, I don't get put in the middle of. He listened for these years because the losses he incurred on many levels last time it "hit the fan", hurt him in ways he didn't want to experience again. I'm honestly shocked, had he not brought this "friend" tonight, I'd be none the wiser. He's totally a dirty dog and a man I quite frankly am quite ashamed of.
    It's going to be a miserable Sunday here when this woman I care for a lot and really admire, comes by. I'll figure out how to break it all to her the easiest. She does deserve so much more. I feel for her.
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    You might want to call her ahead of time and set up a private sit down chat with her, let her know it's important but do it face to face. The longer it goes on the worse it is.
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    I am so sorry. He sounds much like my gfgbro. Though mine would NOT say the ugly things around anyone else unless he was positive that person was somehow under his thumb the way he thinks I am. Set your boundaries and stick with them regarding him. It will make your life much better.

    I would tell the woman who is at the play. Telling the woman who was driving you was an accident, but a very good thing. If you were in either of their places you would likely want to know, wouldn't you? You might also let the women know that this is NOT the first time that you know he has done this and that they might want to get a thorough STD screening including HIV test. If he is willing to lie about 1 other woman there is nothing that would stop him from random one night stands also.

    It hoovers to have such a difficult child for a sibling, doesn't it?
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    It hoovers for sure! I see many similiarities between our gfgbro's Susie. Sometimes I read your posts and think, hey, do we share a brother?

    Haozi, this other woman is out of town until tomorrow. She is planning to stop by when she gets back tomorrow to show me pics and tell me about the getaway she is on. So we can talk privately then. :(