My budding eating disordered difficult child had to ...

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    ....give a speech in group yesterday.

    It's titled "Can you tell me?"

    Can you tell me why everyone thinks you have to be a size 0 or a size 1? Can you tell me why people judge others who might be chubby, fat, or a little obese or really obese?

    Because of those people who are a little obese or really obese think because of their size, some of them think they have to hide in their home.

    I bet they feel like their at the bottom of the food chain. I can relate how they feel.

    Can you tell me why people judge?

    I tell you why. It's actually to make themselves feel better.

    I bet on the inside they feel like c$ap.
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    You know, that is a really good speech. I can be extrapolated to any kind of differentness. Why does our society have to scorn those who appear different? Do we threaten them somehow? To someone who already struggles witih self esteem becauseof being different, this non acceptance is a one two punch. I wish I knew. Hugs to your difficult child and all the difficult children who feel this way.
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    It is so sad that society places so much emphasis on being thin. When easy child was younger, I didn't want to buy her Barbie dolls. She begged for them and I caved in. The other day easy child and I were shopping in the toy section of Target. She saw the anorexic looking dolls and thought it was absolutely disgraceful that this is the message society is sending to young girls. I was extremely proud of her!!!

    At home, I NEVER talk about dieting. I try to teach my children the importance of a healthy lifestyle. I try to teach them that being physically fit and eating healthy is one of the best ways they can take care of themselves. I try to provide balanced meals and set a good example for them.

    It makes me so sad to read what kt wrote. There are lots of people who are unable to exercise and who are unable to lose weight for many, many reasons. It is horrible that these people are made to feel, as kt put it, "like they are at the bottom of the food chain." At the same time, I'm very proud of your daughter - I totally agree with her - Those that ridicule others are lacking self-esteem, or as kt put it, "feel like cr$p on the inside."

    easy child and I both love the Dove soap commercials and advertisements. Way To Go DOVE!!! It would be wonderful if more companies followed their lead...

    I hope kt is truly able to see past a dress size, realize she is a beautiful person, worthy of self-love, and not end up with an eating disorder. WFEN
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    That sounds good to me. I'll call it "education" observing how people treated my difficult child due to her overweight. I was always taught to be respectful of others and many have been down right rude. Thank you for your post.
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    Wow, that is very insightful. There have been many studies done that show that being obese/overweight is actually genetic. I think, but am not sure, that if 1 parent is obese the child has a 40% chance of being obese, and if both parents are it jumps to 70%. I think I remeber that correctly from my nutrition class.
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    Tell KT Im proud of her. As someone who has been morbidly obese for years you wouldnt believe the comments that strangers have no problem tossing out to me. I have heard everything from "Do you really think you need to eat at a buffet?" to the worst one..."**** her buddy, someone has to!" That one was yelled at me when I was 8 months pregnant!
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    What a great speech-she did a really thoughtful job on this. As a society we put two much emphasis on being so thin. People can't possibly measure up and so often end up with poor self images if they don't meet the "media's" image of what is beautiful.