My cat is broke.....

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Aug 29, 2010.

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    or maybe not. The only reason (in my humble opinion) to have a cat is to handle any mice that might get into the house.

    Given that my house is almost 110 years old there are many entry points for said mice. I watched as my cat caught the first mouse of the season in my kitchen (I hate mice - especially in my kitchen).

    Sam proceeded to play with the tiny little mouse - I couldn't get him to drop it. It was time to play. I turned my back for a second & he dropped the dang varmint & went on the hunt once again.

    This is just a game. I'd rather get rid of the cat & put out live traps than watch Sam torture a mouse. I'm going to hire someone with a case of caulk or whatever it takes to patch any holes or entry of vermin in my house.

    My cat is having way too much fun with his prey.
  2. GoingNorth

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    Once he gets more mice most of the 'playing' will stop. Right now he is playing with his kills because they aren't frequent enough to satisfy his hunting drive.
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    What GN said. Capn used to play with them. Now there are enough of them to keep him busy and he dispatches them quickly. But before Gracie died he could make one last all day. We live in a fairly new home but it is out in the country. So we get many mice. When things are better we will have another cat. Or when Morgan is older.

    He is odd. Does NOT like to eat them. Vastly prefers canned cat food of any flavor. So as long as he gets a treat for EACH mouse he feels he is hunting pokemon - you know "Gotta Catch em ALL!" which could not make me happier.

    husband ran out of cat food and tried to give him some baby meat my mom sent over when I had a migraine (she LIKES it after she has had a migraine - everything about it makes me sick again). He then brought a LIVE mouse over the the plate of babyfood and put it down unharmed - AFTER he made SURE husband saw him with the mouse. husband was all happy thinking that he found something Morgan LOVED and would get him to catch mice one after another with few breaks.

    Until the mouse ran over husband's bare foot getting away and Morgan gave him the SNOTTIEST cat look any of us has ever seen.

    First time in YEARS husband has gone to the store with-o taking a shower or asking if anyone needed him to pick up anything. He came home and showed Morgan about 20 different cans of cat food. Morgan then started hunting again - immediately!!

    Cats are interesting. And very good bosses for my husband.