my cat really loves me

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Yesterday, Rozzy brought me a bird AND a mouse. The neighbor told me on Sunday (before I tried to poke my eye out with the stick) that he lifted up a golf club in his shed, and mice were clinging all over it. He sent the mice scurrying, and some must have come to our yard. Bingo has been chasing one under the shed all week. He dives under, army crawls all the way to the back, shoots out the rear, and races to the front to start the process anew. Mice are apparently more exercise inducing than moles.

P.S. to the member who wanted Bingo to hunt moles. I have trenches in my back yard and very few moles were harmed in the process. One of Ferb's jobs is to fill-in the Bingo holes.

But my cat obviously loves me a great deal. I feel special.

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Mine loves to sit in the kitchen sink and wait for someone to turn the water on. She just sits there, happily waiting for someone to happen by.

She only leaves me a mouse when we have company.



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Well, I know Squeaky loves me because she makes VERY sure I'm well groomed.

At bedtime, she shoves Thomas out of the way so she can repeatedly pat my face so I'll scritch her.

I know Thomas loves me because he's a cuddle demon.

I knew Jakey loved me because not only would he bring me rabbits, but once he figured out that I was very deficient in the dental department (even for a human), he'd leave me the SKINNED and disjointed hindquarters of a rabbit a few times a week.

Much easier to eat, you see.


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You surely are loved, lol!

GN, Jakey ADORED you, lol!! Of course all of your furbabies do, how could they not?

My Grandma had a demon of a cat named Snicklefritz. Truly nasty critter, could only be patted 3 times between his ears. 2 or 4 times, he would chew HARD to let you know you sinned. One Mother's Day he brought Gma a mouse. Another of her cats then brought her 2 mice, so SF brought her a snake. Then she got 3 mice from the other cat. SF disappeared until just before dinnertime when he brought her a chicken. Feathers and all. We figured out he had to go at least 2 miles to find a live one to bring to her. Her other cat gave up and let SF be the winner.

Cats are awesome.


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Snicklefritz was lucky.

Our Wolf-cat came home one afternoon when we living in rural TN with a chicken...AND a rear end full of buckshot. THAT was a vet bill we didn't need on a PFCs salary.

Wolf was lucky. Under TN law, ANY animal interfereing with livestock may be despatched by anyone with a suitable weapon. The shooter of the shotgun had lousy aim and was enough of a distance away that the shot pattern had spread out and lost velocity by the time it hit Wolf.


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Wolf also used to bring home copperheads and juvenile cottonmouths and timber rattlers...all with the heads neatly bitten off. Use to give me and hubby the shivers.