My child has been kept back with iep in place four times.

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    I have a son that is currently out of school as a drop out because he was not getting the resources that were supposed to be provided to him through CMS. My son is not reading on the level in which he should; therefore, an iep was put in place for him to have someone read his test and he was placed in a resource class (a smaller class that will enable the teacher to work directly with him). My son has been kept back a number of times and is 18 in the 9th grade. I must add that my son left cms schools to enter into chatham cty GA where the iep that was set in place was totally ignored and they kept him back a number of times. (he moved with his dad). I received a letter today from CMS stating that they want to meet with me now in regards to the IEP, but it was not addressed last year when he moved back to NC with me. I brought it to the attention of the couselors. I met this teacher that lived next door to me during the summer, she moved now, and she looked up my son's file and informed me that they have a letter in his file that I refused the conference that I was never invited to. I am trying to shorten a very long story; however, my question is- By law were they able to keep him back all of these times and what rights do I have as a parent, because I wanted my son to graduate from HS and he doesn't want to be 18 in the 9th grade?
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    If he had an IEP, by law they should have provided for his unique needs -- not just stuck him in a resource room.

    By law, until your son graduates with a regular diploma, they are responsible for educating him until he turns 22.

    It's not at all unusual for kids to get so far behind their graduating class that they want to drop out -- and do drop out.

    Tell us more about his situation. What type of reading problem does he have? Any other neurological problems? Last time the school district evaluated him, etc/?
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    What were the grounds for holding him back other than not meeting IEP goals? Where they measurable and action words with time limits and progress reports given on a 6 or 9 week grading period of did they just wait til the end of the school year?
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    Hi, Im new to this Im a very stressed mother of 5 but only one has adhd. The problem is that he also has an IEP since he was in the 2nd grade,now hes in the 5th grade and my son cant even read,write you a paragraph. He isnt up to reading level in anything,I have been looking and searching to find help, so today I had a school meeting because they wanted to suspended him for disrupting class,which the teachers know he has a problem trying to stay in his seat and also focus in class. Today the teachers and the principal talked about my son like if he had a deadly disease or something,it really hurt my feelings. My son wasnt suppose to passed nore 2,3th 4th grade and now his in the 5th grade. and no one wants to answer my question or even care that y son is losing out on his education. The teachers aslo dont have no patience for my son, it has gotten to the point that the teacher told my son he cant read, and the principal didnt want to talk about that in the meeting today, boy im losing my mind,If there is anyone who knows what I could do and whom to talk to. So that I could get some help for my son and family. I have been calling lawyers, with my problem and I got one that he went with me to meeting and he didnt say anything while the teacher and principal just put my son down. Im was very disappointed. So Im still looking for help or advice from any parents that has or are dealing with a similar problem. Ill really appreciate it.
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    What are the goals of his IEP, that he is not completing?
    What are the accommodations they are giving him to complete his tasks?
    Is he on medication if so what kind?
    What is his classification for his eligibility?

    Have you been to this website?
    I understand the demands you speak of with five children and your personal physical alignments but YOU ARE YOUR SONS BEST ADVOCATE and the best advice my mentors gave me was LEARN THE LAW and be persistent! The tactics of most school districts are to stall until they wear you out, so you give up. You cant learn all the law at one time but start with the big one and research it.

    The link above has proven invaluable to me in my 15 years of fighting for my son's Free Appropriate Public Education.

    Here are some sites for your states Education Law: (SID)=massgov2&query=special+education+law

    Then go to your school district and find their policy page, if you can't find it private email me and I will try to help you look.

    Just take one day at a time, and REALLY encourage your son that he can do anything his heart desires!:D
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