My child is becoming a vidiot!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by tiredmommy, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. tiredmommy

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    Duckie is really getting hooked on her DSi. I had to pry her away from it's electronic grips several times yesterday to get her to do anything else. Then, she got up this morning and went right for it. So, husband and I told her there would now be some time limits: one hour on each non-school day and a half hour on school days. She's very unhappy and even tried to give an ultimatum: one hour each day or nothing. :rofl:

    She asked (angrily) what she should do with all this extra time: homework, chores, crafts, reading, play outside, spend time with her family. "But I don't want to spend time with my family!"

    She's already calmed down (taking it like a easy child, in my opinion) but I thought it was funny enough to share. Also, I wanted to know how much electronics time other parents allow their kids. I'd like to be on the low side since she has activities and a fairly busy social life.
  2. donna723

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    "She's very unhappy and even tried to give an ultimatum: one hour each day or nothing."
    I can believe SHE gave YOU an ultimatum! If you didn't reply, "Nothing!" just to see the expression on her face, you really missed your chance!
  3. Mamaof5

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    1 hour every second day for the computer for my older kids (9 year old difficult child and 8 year old). The Wii, An hour, sometimes 2 a day IF all chores and homework are done. I figure the Wii is very physical game system wise and it only has the Wii Sport game with it right now so it's physical activity. I do prefer outside physical activity though.
  4. Wiped Out

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    Rofl! Too funny with the ultimatum. So far we haven't had to put restrictions on the use. When difficult child gets a new game he will play it a bit longer, otherwise I don't think he goes over 1/2 hour on day on average.
  5. crazymama30

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    Game time here depends on behavior and what else needs to be done. I tend to be kinda lax with it, as difficult child uses it as way to calm himself---I know that seems backwards but it seems to work that way for him. difficult child is not so into the computer, he really has not gotten into that yet. difficult child does not, however, throw a fit if he cannot play it due to consequences or other obligations. Now watch, now that I said that he will start.
  6. sunxstone

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    LOL with the ultimatum!

    We do that with my difficult child often. He'll try to negotiate for more time, we'll stick to our guns, and finally he'll throw out our final line all smug and cocky like he won. Kinda reminds me of "Duck Season!" "RABBIT season!" lol!

    Right now difficult child gets 2 hours of computer time a day, dropping to one hour a day after the move, with free computer time on Saturday mornings til 10 am. He'll often get himself up at 4 or 5 am to maximize that time, too. Early to rise, early to bed, so that works out too. lol
  7. ML

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    I don't put limits on it for manster except that he can't play it until homework is done on school days. He also uses it as a way to destress. Right now he's more into the computer games and facebook. He was chatting with two girls at the same time recently and pretty tickled about it lol.

    I think your limit sounds fair and perhaps you can use an extra half hour here and there as currency/leverage when you want to *motivate* her.