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    I know many of you are still going through difficult times, so I hesitate to post my news. But, as a proud G-Ma/parent, I must. My girl is now a college graduate! She had some very rough years from 12-16 with risk taking behavior, threats to me, running away, self harming, ODD and so much more. Every professional we saw wrote her off as a child who would never amount to anything. After spending 18 months at Residential Treatment Center (RTC), she came home only to have our lives turned upside down by a natural disaster in which we lost everything. In a new city, in a new part of the country, she pulled her life together, attending high school for only one year, then community college and finally a 4 year university. Because of her dyslexia and difficulty processing information, she figured out how to succeed in college by majoring in her talent, dance, and taking only 3 other tough academic course each semester. She graduated with a 3.2 GPA.

    I am very proud of her tenacity and will to survive and overcome. There were times I felt neither of us would make it and yet, we did. There is always hope.

    I came to this site as Penta long ago.
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    Congratulations! I am very glad your daughter realized her potential!
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    CONGRATULATIONS to both of you!

    I think it's especially important here, to hear the tales of success. There is always hope.
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    Wonderful update, thank you. Congratulations to both you and your daughter! I agree, it is always very good to hear the success stories amid so much turmoil.
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    Thanks for sharing this. My daughter is currently in community college and is working part-time.
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    Congratulations and thank you for coming back to share as it does give parents of difficult children hope.
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    Congrats!!!! Great accomplishment for your precious child! Proof again that they CAN and DO drop their old ways sometimes and do great things :) I'm so happy for your entire family!
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    Please never hesitate to share news that is a light at the end of the tunnel for those of us sitting in the dark.:sorrowsmiley2: Congratulations!
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    Beautiful update! I'm so happy for your granddaughter and yourself.

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    phenominal! phenominal! penomial!

    congradulations to the graduate

    congratulations to her parents for living through it!
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    Jinger...I didnt recognize you until I saw that you said you used to be Penta! Oh I am so pleased for your granddaughter and for you. You both worked so hard. I remember being so worried for you during Katrina and how difficult that was for you guys but you dealt with that with such grace. You are both such an inspiration.

    Tell your granddaughter congratulations!
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    Are you kidding me???? I am so glad you posted this! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! This kind of news is super inspiring. I got teary eyed. I think only a difficult child parent can fully get how ultra special an accomplishment like this is. This board has so many difficult child parents who are amazing and were difficult child's too....that always makes me so happy. Just really great to hear stories of success. (even though I have a child with permanent disabilities, I do have hope for the behaviors settling down, he has done it before, we can get there again!)

    Give her extra hugs for making me smile please! And congrats warrior mom. She will likely do amazing things, anyone who has overcome extra obstacles to make it has even more to share with the world.
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    Congratulations on her achieving this milestone.