"My daddy builds Lego spaceships for a living"...

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by lovemysons, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. lovemysons

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    Yep, that's what I said.

    Got a picture from daughter in law 2 days ago showing grandson standing by young difficult child while he sits on the floor (like he did at 9 yrs old!) building a lego set!

    He has no job and is at his mother in law's right now with wife and his 3 children.
    Apparently he found the Lego's that we handed down (for the grandchildren) and decided some of the kits have value...Sooooo, instead of getting a job flipping burgers or Anything, he has decided to make some "quick cash" selling Lego kits over Ebay or Craig's list.

    husband and I are just shaking our heads.
    He is 24 and this is what he is doing to try and support his family.
    Hopefully grandson does not have career day anytime soon! (roll eyes)

    On the plus side...he can't afford drugs right now.
  2. AnnieO

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    Well... It's something? :sigh:
  3. DammitJanet

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    Some of the sets may have some value but not enough to sell to be honest. I bought a boatload of vintage Fisher Price sets and they wouldnt support him for more than a month really. Im trying to sell stuff on Ebay right now and there is no way what I am making could support anyone. I might make a couple of bucks doing it but it isnt a stable income unless you can find a way to get a store going selling a whole lot of one item. I wish I could figure out how to do it.

    Of course I cant say much. I have been trying to convince Cory that if he does nothing else he should get on a bike and ride our road to collect cans. I think right now they are paying either 35 or 45 cents a pound for soda cans. Tin cans bring in 10 cents a pound.
  4. DDD

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    Good Grief, LMS. Don't tell him that we have LEGOLAND in central Florida now....he'll decide to make a trip South to expand his Lego knowledge. Yikes. DDD
  5. lovemysons

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    You're so funny!
    Yes, you know young difficult child...he gets passionate about a subject and takes it to the limit!

    Annie and Janet...
    I know it's "something" I just wish he had the workhorse attitude of his brother and the determination of his sister.
    He is probably the most intelligent of our 3 children as far as information and knowledge about a subject he is interested in...Take the weather for instance, he can read weather models from around the globe.

    He thinks he'll make around $500 with this 1700 piece Lego ship he built in 2 days.
    Oh and one member suggested to me that he might be working out problems in his head with this type of "piecing together". Could be a sign of depression...I think she may be right.

    I am just hoping something positive happens for young difficult child before the depression (if that's what it is) gets the best of him.

  6. Signorina

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    I write this with hesitation - especially since your difficult child is perhaps motivated by money --

    When my own difficult child reverts to his childhood interests it is usually a good sign - I think. (because who really knows??) In fact, H and I were shopping for "Easter Baskets" for the kids and I mentioned coloring books in a sentimental way and H reminisced- "I think if we gave the kids coloring books - difficult child would probably start coloring before the night was over..." (he LOVED to color as a little boy)

    Guess what, we chose fuzzy posters instead (kind of as a joke) and difficult child's is about 80% done -- and the PCs are still in their wrappers. He picks it up and will sit a color it in for a bit when he is mellowing out... and if i squint a bit - I can see my sweet 10 year old instead of my sullen 21 year old...

    Maybe your own difficult child needs to start and finish something tangible that he can see just for his own sense of accomplishment and as a reminder of more pleasant times?

    OK - I am grasping here. I know... but I have often posted for longing to find signs of my beloved boy in the difficult child shell and seeing a glimpse of his boyhood gives me what I so desperately need ... and maybe, just maybe it gives our difficult child a glimpse of their better, former happier selves too? Because otherwise, I seem to wonder if my happy memories of difficult child's childhood were all in my head. And when difficult child does revisit his childhood by revisiting old toys or old favorite movies -- it seems to coincide with the better periods or even moments amidst all the strife. The chip on his shoulder falls off for a bit.

    OK - this post reeks of PMS - sorry. I am way too sentimental but i grasp at what I can...
  7. lovemysons

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    It is bitter-sweet.
    On the one hand it Does remind me of happier days for young difficult child but on the other hand...He is a man now and it is time to grow up. But I can understand your sentiments. Especially as I see young difficult child's son now playing his first team sport...Soccer. The other day young difficult child was telling me how my grandson doesn't really pay attention to the game when he's off the field he's picking flowers, lol...Young difficult child did the SAME thing when he was a little guy.

    Sometimes I wish I could go back and do things alittle differently. I tried to make things too perfect for my son's when they were young...but life is not always easy or satisfying.

    Last night Young difficult child called me. He was crying and telling me he had gone to a friends motel to get some fix o flat for daughter in law's minivan. Well this "friend" apparently used to do drugs with young difficult child.
    daughter in law got a call from difficult child so she decided to take her mom's car to the motel.
    The details are alittle sketchy from there but both did end up back at daughter in law's mother's home.

    In the conversation with difficult child he told me he didn't know what to do. I told him he needed to get off his butt and get a job...ANY job! He has a wife and 3 children to support...no time for crying. Then he told me that he might have to leave tonight (meaning be homeless). I told him I had to go but then a few mins later I called and spoke with daughter in law.
    I told her difficult child did not sound like he was in a good place and to not let him go on for all hours of the night in an emotional tirade with her (he often does this when he's been drugging).

    I don't know what this day will hold...there is no telling.
    Pretty sad when you turn on the news and think you'll hear a breaking news story re your difficult child.
    PTSD I guess.

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    Oh wow. I have to admit this post made me chuckle. I'm really not in a place to give anyone advice but I just want to say I'm sorry! Can I admit that all of your posts, and the people at the Al-anaon meetings are scaring the **** out of me?? I'm realizing this is going to be a long road and we are just at the beginning...
  9. lovemysons

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    Try not to let yourself be driven by fears.
    You will get stronger and even more knowledgeble. You will learn things you never realized before. You will find out all about enabling and how destructive it is...some of us (like myself) find out the hard way, sigh.

    And you have support too. The Rehab staff, Al Anon meetings, and Us.
    You'll be okay. Keep listening and learning.