My daughter had a rotten birthday!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by donna723, Oct 10, 2009.

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    Her birthday was yesterday - she was 34. Of course, I am waaaay too young to have a 34 year old daughter, but anyway ....

    The night before they had gone shopping and stopped at a fast-food place for a hamburger on the way home. The chain shall remain nameless, but just picture a kind of creepy-looking dude in a crown! :tongue: Anyway ... all was well until about midnight when sister in law suddenly bolted up from the bed, ran to the bathroom, and was violently ill! :sick: He was up all night and of course, she was too. She had it too and was feeling very nauseated but never actually vomited, just enough to make her miserable. sister in law was sick from midnight till 6:00 a.m. and both of them were up all night. Finally about 8:00 a.m. he got down a few saltines and some Gatorade and went to bed. He was still sleeping when I called her after work to wish her a happy birthday. And they still have a 5 month old baby to take care of, so when I called her she was sitting in the living room with the baby, still sick to her stomach and feeling rough. 34 isn't really a 'milestone' birthday anyway and they'll try for a birthday 'do-over' as soon as they're both up to it. But I do feel bad that she had such a rotten birthday!

    Don't know why he got so much sicker than she did. They both only had hamburgers, but he had tomatoes on his and she didn't so who really knows. I kept telling her she needed to report it to the health department - there could have been dozens of people who got sick from eating there. All I know is that from now on, it's Mickey D's for me, not the 'other one'!
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    I hope everyone's over the bug soon. Sorry her birthday was so nasty! :(
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    What a bummer of a birthday. I hope all are better soon.
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    Oh, no! I am so sorry!
    Ugh, and having to take care of a baby, too. Sigh.
    I had the same thing happen in 1974. Last time I ever ate at the place of the guy with-the crown. ;) By the time I'd walked up the hill past the library and was 3/4 of the way home, my boyfriend and I were both sick.
    The good news is, I never eat fast food burgers any more. Maybe this will change her diet?
    I'm trying to look at the bright side ...
    I like the idea of a "do-over." I've done that with-many holidays and it really works. It's all about friends and family and feeling loved, and surely she can do that when she's up to it. :)
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    Oh my! What a crappola birthday indeed!!! Poor girl!!

    I positively loathe the crown place. Driving past it makes me want to gag from the smell. The short while Travis worked there his work clothes hit the washer the moment he was in the door.

    One of the nursing students stopped at a certain roast beef place for lunch...........She noticed (cuz you couldn't help but notice) there were flies buzzing and dying all over the place........then of course were the zillion bees everywhere. Customers were attempting to eat while an employee had her shoe off trying to kill bees........... When she stepped up to the counter the cook was belching over the food......his hair was so dirty you could cook witht he grease in it......ewwwwwww

    She got so mad she demanded to talk to the manager. Manager laughed. So she called the district manager and reported them. Then went home and called the head haunchos.

    Needless to say........she didn't buy her lunch there. blech

    Hope the kids get over it fast. Her husband could have a weaker stomach. husband always gets that sort of thing worse than I do.

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    Yeah, there's nothing like a big ol' dose of food poisoning to make your birthday extra special and memorable! She said they were both feeling a whole lot better the next day though. sister in law was so sick he got dehydrated but he slept off the worst of it and was feeling much better when he could finally keep something down.

    Worst I ever saw was in a Hardee's ... I was standing in line waiting to order and you could see through to the kitchen area. The girl who was putting the tomatoes and such on the sandwiches had fingernails that were (I swear!) two inches long, like talons! She wasn't wearing gloves, probably couldn't, and she was putting sandwiches together and wrapping them with her bare hands! Those nasty fingernails just creeped me out! NO WAY could you keep those things clean or be able to properly clean under them! Yuk! Needless to say, I left.