My daughter with ADHD


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I have 15 yrs old daughter that was diagnosed with ADHD last year 2016. She is impulsive and inattentive, her doctor didn't give her a medicine to take daily, we were advised to come back to her doctor's clinic before the school year will start june 2017, it is the time that the doctor will prescribe her medicine to take daily during school days. As of now, as I observe her behavior is getting worse, she's rude, very angry at me to the point that she says bad words on me, sexually active, always run out of home... I actually dont understand her behavior, i dont know where to go and ask for help. :( As of now she' s living with her friend


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Why is the doctor waiting? I guess I don't understand his thinking. Do you think a second opinion is in order?

Or at least talk to him about the escalating behaviors.