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    Well the baby got shots today and boyo got his ear checked. The pediatrician asked me about my depression the medication I'm on, said I need to talk to tk's t doctor on tues (like that will accomplish much) said I needed to find a better pump so that I can get away from the baby for a few hours (he eats all the time and my pump excuse the pun SUCKS which if I could afford a better one or to rent one I would already have it) told us to switch the cereal he is getting in his food so he gets more calories. I should probably eat more... I'm really ready to supplement but because of acid reflux with boyo when we switched him to formula I am hesitant and the pediatrician said it was a bad idea.
    I came home from appointment and went off on our useless "free health care" that all the people who hate soldiers think is so great. Told him what happened. He was sympathizing to my cause because I do an awful lot and get very little assistance.

    He decided after three days of us not getting along he wanted to talk, he had a T doctor appointment today. He was resistant to the things I said about getting serious about creating this nest egg so if he got put out without the medical discharge we wouldn't be homeless. He had to yell about it for awhile but eventually saw my point whether that means he will do anything is anyone's guess. He told me he was tired of doing everything and I should be able to do all that for him, some how I didn't scream. I just told him that he was only stressed because of the number of things he needed to do not because he was actually accomplishing Anything, which strangely he didn't get upset about.

    So he decided he wanted pizza and we went and got that, together which was cool.
    I'm really wishing for a bottle of wine but that's a bad idea because since hubs breakdown we are t totalers. I want to put the kids to bed but its too early. I'm watching my extremely grumpy baby for signs of a reaction to his shots as this is the first time I allowed him to get all of them at once, because I need to catch up on his vaccinations before we get gone out of the army.

    Tomorrow since ft carson canceled all the yard sales on post, I'm steam cleaning the carpets and doing more laundry. That's the plan and then I might stomp my foot and throw a tantrum until I'm allowed to do my homework for school without having the baby on my boob.

    I wrote this in response to weekend plans but realized it was too long and I would hi-jack californiablonde's post. I need to talk and my mother is depressed and doesn't want to hear about it, and no one is available. So ignore post if needed.
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    Military healthcare sucks out the wazzoo. Don't get me started. LOL

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    I'm not gonna ignore it. You had a frustrating day. I got a few things done, but not as much as I would have liked. Found another weird join in the septic line that's probably got root infiltration. Still not as frustrating a day as yours I bet - I remember what it was like when one kid or another was on the boob.

    Regarding boob-suckers, honestly (maybe 'cause I had big knockers) I always got more out expressing by hand. (The experience helped me figure out pretty quickly how to milk a goat, ha.) Have you tried hand expressing? Keep your fingernails short, your hands clean so you don't trigger any raw spots or a case of thrush - and it's not only fun but confuses the heck out of the cats when you hit one in the face from across the couch.

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    I've tried breast massage in conjunction with the pump and I've tried pumping while feeding. I can get approximately two ounces. I can hand express when close to engorged and it works well but I am still round the clock feeding pretty much. He goes to bed at 11pm-midnight and arises at 4am for food back to sleep until 7am if its dark and quiet. To get nice big milk filled boobs I would have to get up before 4 or have pump with me at 4am which to be honest I normally cheat and pull him into my bed so he can eat and I can sleep.

    This is the first baby I've breast fed this long, with tk I went through emergency surgery at time of c section and was malnourished she was always supplemented so she didn't starve to death. And boyo was boyfriend for 6 weeks when I weened him he developed acid reflux and went through malpractice with a pediatrician who canceled appointments and refused to diagnose until he was in the hospital. Both tk and boyo were dream babies, and I had no issues pumping for boyo in those six weeks until I supplemented and dried up, unintentionally. Could get 8 ounces for 20 minutes of pumping and my ex and I took a day shift and night shift approach as he was a stay at home husband and it worked for us.

    My mom says find a formula and I would like to but I have misgivings due to what happened with boyo and the fact that my breast milk smells and to be honest tastes like sugar water, I have a deep seated fear he will reject formula totally.