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  1. Kjs

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    This post is for me. I feel so extremely sad. My heart hurts.

    Chloe left us yesterday morning. She was my first pet in my entire life. She was so much part of the family. She was not sick. She tore her ACL one year ago. That healed pretty well. she had days that she limped. But Friday night her other ACL went out. She could not get up. Her one hind leg was weak and fragile, and this new tear...left her leg hanging. She was alert, and her cute self. but could not get up.
    I feel so extremely guilty. She was with me. We were a block from home. On a leash. If only I would of stayed home that night. I was not able to go to the vet. I had to work, and I am the only one until the outsourcing is final. easy child had to carry her out due to husband's back problems. Other dog I had to hold off. She was growling and fighting to get away from me as they carried Chloe out. Chloe yelped as they tried to pick her up.

    Did we do the right thing? She was my baby. Would of been 9 in April. Vet said they could do surgery, at a cost we cannot afford. Said they can give her some strong pain medication. But I cannot carry down the two steps of the deck. Last year easy child was home most of the time, and she still had one good strong leg. Now she has a weak leg and no leg. And seeing how she could not get up, maybe the other was very strained also. But she laid on the floor, so cute and attentive. Did we do the right thing?

    I never imagined how much this would hurt. Chloe is my avatar. difficult child took this extremely hard. As we all did.
  2. tiredmommy

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    {{{Kjs}}} {{{Chloe}}}}

    I'm so sorry... I don't think we ever truly know if we made the right decision in situations like this but it helps to know that you have acted out of love. I'm sorry for your loss; please take comfort that Chloe doesn't hurt anymore. {{{Hugs}}}
  3. WhymeMom?

    WhymeMom? No real answers to life..

    I think you absolutely did the right thing.................. if there is pain and loss of mobility I think there is a question of quality of life............. best to ease the pain....... I have a feeling I will soon be facing this as my 10 year old enormous dog is limping and his teeth are a mess...... he still gets up to eat, but definitely not as eager for the food.....

    I feel your pain, but don't second guess your choice...... it was the only humane one to pick................ sorry for your loss
  4. DammitJanet

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    I am so sorry KJS. I feel your pain. It is so hard to lose a pet. I think you did the right thing for Chloe. When they are in pain like that, they shouldnt have to suffer.

    Several years ago I had a puppy named Maggie. My neighbor shot her and left her paralyzed from the back down. Like Chloe, she couldnt stand anymore on her rear legs. She was going to grow into a very big dog...a mastiff. There was no way I could take her in and out of my house as she grew up. Just at her age ... 4 months...she was already big. I had to make the decision to have her put down. It broke my heart.

    Sometimes things are just out of our control and we do what we have to do out of love so they dont suffer.

  5. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I'm so sorry Kjs. Like WhyMeMom said, quality of life is so important when you are considering whether or not to put a pet down. Heartbreaking as it is, I think you made the right decision for Chloe.

  6. SRL

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    Hugs to you, kjs. I know how your heart must be hurting today.
  7. witzend

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    I'm so sorry. This breaks my heart.
  8. Suz

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    I'm so sorry, Kjs. What a heartbreak.

  9. KTMom91

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    I'm so sorry, Kjs. It's such a difficult decision. Many, many comforting hugs.
  10. donna723

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    I'm so sorry. But please don't second guess yourself. It takes a lot of courage and a lot of love to do what's best for them and I think you did that, but it's still a heartbreaking decision to have to make. Sending lots of hugs.
  11. jal

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    My deepest sympathies. Not to hijack your thread, but this past Monday I had to put my 8.5 yr old orange tabby to sleep. He had chronic urinary tract infections/blockages. Every time we had him unblocked and taken care off, to a total of 7 times over the years. We couldn't afford the surgery at other times and tried to limp along with-him. I am still paying the bill from last months blockage and they didn't offer me much of a discount, let alone a guarantee. If there was a guarantee, I would have done it. I was taught how to subcutaneously hydrate him at him with an IV and a needle (that's how far it went at times).

    I second guess myself too. It broke my heart to make this decision, but I cannot afford to keep going through emergency measures as husband is out of work and I was behind on major bills. I have taken comfort in the fact that he will no longer suffer and I (we) had done all that was possible to make him better. (Special foods, medications, care, etc.)

    I am sorry for your loss and please know at the moment, you are not alone in this this week. Chloe is in a better place. I know it's cliche, but I have to believe it too.

    Again, my apologies if I have impeded on your thread.
  12. Hound dog

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    Chloe knows how much you love her. Be sure of that.

    But I know how much your heart hurts right now. Even knowing it is the best possible solution, putting down a much loved furbaby has got to be one of the hardest things in life to do. I hope never have to do it again.

    A toast to beautiful Miss Chloe. May she have much joy chasing birds, rabbits, squirrels, balls, and chewing bones in the wide open spaces of heaven.
  13. hearts and roses

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    {{{kjs}}} I'm so sorry for you, but I'm glad that Chloe is out of her pain. Hugs, I know how difficult that was for you.
  14. Abbey

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    So, so sorry. Sometimes our pets become more than family than the human form. I'm sure Chloe was greatly loved. Take comfort in the years you had with her.
  15. Wiped Out

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    I'm so sorry-I know how much you loved her.
  16. TerryJ2

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    Oh, Kjs, I'm so sorry.
    You can spend the rest of your life 2nd guessing yourself. You know, if you had spent the money, she could have lived longer, but then you'd have rehab, and you'd be wondering if you should have saved the money for your kids, and all of that. It's kind of a no-win situation.
    I've put down 3 of our 4 dogs (1 died in the back hall) and it is always a tough decision. Mine were urinating all over, blind, deaf, and crippled, and I actuallly based the decisions on the fact that my back was giving out and I could no longer carry them up the stairs. That's pretty much our litmus test, now.
    Many, many hugs, from one dog lover to another.
    I will never, ever forget the feeling of loss and despair when I put down my very first dog, my first born.
    Take care.
  17. GoingNorth

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    I can't carry my dog at all. He weighs 95lbs. He's a nearly 8 year old German Shepherd with terrible spinal arthritis and an arthritic hip (old injury, not dysplasia). You'd never know it to see him out on the leash unless you know what to look for.

    BUT, I've seen his x-rays and the spinal rads are HORRIBLE...worn out discs, bone spurs bridging between veterbrae--just awful. Sooner or later he is going to go "down in back" and that will be the end of him.
  18. Star*

    Star* call 911


    I'm terribly sorry for your furkid loss. You asked if you did the right right thing? Aw well, if she was in pain then yes. There is never any guarantees that any amount of surgery can fix things like that, and the recovery for an older dog like that is long and sometimes even more painful. I think these are things we can't see when our kids hurt and we just want them well, now - and feel like it's our fault we can't afford things today. Unlike humans - our furkids understand and accept things from us that we can't seem to in ourselves.

    I know you miss your Chloe. Until you see her again? Keep good thoughts of her close to your heart, and know she's not hurting any longer which is what any of us would have wanted for her.

    Hugs & Love
  19. Lothlorien

    Lothlorien Active Member Staff Member

    I'm so sorry. I just had to put my dog down in December. I really do feel your pain. Hugs
  20. busywend

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    I am sorry for your loss. You did the best thing for Chloe.