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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by wg67, May 5, 2014.

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    Well months have gone by. I have an intire bedroom of boxes and bags of my difficult child s belongings. I have asked her since December of last year to come get her stuff. She came in april to get a couple boxes and a couple bags. My difficult child said she'd be back the following weekend for the rest. We are trying to finish our basement and are having to move our stuff to do so. We are at the point were we are at a stand still because of all her stuff. We have repeatively asked her to make arrangements to get her stuff. I finally told her that I will donate her stuff to goodwill on 16 of may. She told us she be by this last weekend so we took time off work and she didn't show. What else can I do? Any suggestions I really hate to donate it but we need to finish redoing and building in our home
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    Why do you hate to donate it? It will go to a good cause.
  3. wg67

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    I guess I just feel bad about getting rid of her stuff. I know I have given her more than enough time I think its the mommy guilt.

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  4. ForeverSpring

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    Don't feel guilty and here's why. I work for Goodwill, a marvelous place to work, by the way. They treat you like human beings and help so many people with disabilities. Through your daughter's contributions, she is helping a very good organization continue helping others, like her, who need help. Honestly, I think it would be honorable if you silently did it in her name for the good of others who suffer like herself. You can't keep them in her room forever. Maybe, in the back of her mind where her goodness still lies, she would like you to do this.

  5. Kathy813

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    I agree. You have given her multiple chances to get her things. She obviously doesn't need them or she would have come and gotten them.

    My vote is to give them to Goodwill.

  6. Nancy

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    Hmm I'm a softie I admit I have mixed feelings on this. When my difficult child left our home she left all of her things other than some clothes. I slowly boxed her things up, gave old clothes to charity, threw out all the junk or items that I didn't know where they came from including CD's that had offensive lyrics. The items that I thought she may really want someday I just boxed and stored in the basement, a few items I left in her bedroom closet. Over the past three years she has taken many of these items back, was thrilled when she found her Cleveland Browns jersey saved for her.

    But then my difficult child has mended fences with us and there really are no bad feelings any longer. I suspect if there were I would probably thrown all her stuff out long ago.