my difficult child-finding a doctor

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by dreamer, Jan 7, 2010.

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    Im so frustrated. since difficult child turned 18 and was awarded helpless child, disabled before age 18 we cannot get a doctor to take her. no primary care dr, no psychiatrist, no therapist. she has medicare primary and medicaide secondary, and noone will accept these around here. it is so maddening. we tried to get her into a transition to adulthood program, but with no dr they refuse to intake her. Its not a residential program, it is outpatient. She tries to get her GED but still panics upon entering test room, and cannot get accomodations without a dr. Ive been working this system, battleing these battles since 1990 for mental illness help with husband, & difficult child and man Im just worn out exhausted, tired. resentful. Tho dhs heart attack was back in AUGUST it took till THIS week for VA to finally get around to more follow up- decidinjg if theyre gonna do angio or bypass? and getting him finally into cardiac rehab, too. Poor easy child, primary ins paid out on her preg & illness, but, Medicaide never paid their share, babys almost a year old, so her credit stinks. Son may need another surgery on his darned eye before he can get his prosthesis. :-( It just never seems to end. I sure cant keep up. & my dumb RA & Lupus are flareing badly prolly cuz of the weather. :-( Sorry, had to let some of that out. Whats a person supposed to do with a mentally disabled very young adult? sigh
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    I'm surprised the the county/city public mental health dept or clinic (for physical care) doesn't HAVE to see her. Have you tried posting in PE to see if they have any advice? I wonder if this has been more of an issue about all governements having no money and cutting services all the way around. I think it's always been hard to find private doctors/tdocs that accept medicaid- at least that's what I heard around here.
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    theres some weird thing about the county clinic...since she lives with me, they wont see her? weird. Noone pays me to take care of her, but they hold it against me & her, but no place will intake her either cuz she has no doctor. its a circular mess.