my difficult child is 16

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    Well, my difficult child turned 16 Friday. Can't believe it really, how the time goes. He has his learners permit, and once he can get his licence to drive alone (7 more months here, you have to have a learners for 9 months) he wants us to give him our old car, and we're actually considering it :anxious: LOL. I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone on this site, for helping us get to this point. I don't think I'd have made it on my own.

    After a VERY bad 3 months beginning of this year, difficult child is back on Zoloft which has helped him a lot. It's led his psychiatrist and I to consider SAD, as this period of time for him has traditionally been difficult. He's now back to being pleasant to be with, interested in things, doing his school work again, not even that difficult to get up in the morning (typical teen he stays in bed until the last minute and is usually barely to school on time, if not a few minutes late LOL)

    We're now talking about getting him a part-time job. I can see this makes him nervous & anxious so may have to help him more than a typical teen with doing this part. Anyone have any tips on getting your teen difficult child a J-O-B? Shouldn't be difficult here I hope, they're all looking for part-timers here. Just his interview skill may not be the best.
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    Well tell him

    Congratulations to you as well MOM!
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    Happy belated birthday--my easy child son turned 25 on Friday as well. Glad things are going better for you!
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    Wow, the time has flown by. Sixteen is BIG. Hope it is the start of some wonderful years. DDD
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    Happy Belated 16th Birthday:)