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    Yes - I make doggie toys. Chloe loved her toys and would play and squeek them for many months. Then came this little dog. At first I thought the toys were just worn out and broke. Then I would spend the money on a new one only to realize that it is the dogs goal to look like she is playing, but really she is working very hard on getting the stuffing out and breaking that squeeker. Once the toy is broken, stuffing all over the room she is happy and just trots away like she did a good deed.

    So, instead of buying toys I bought hundreds of squeekers on ebay. Went to the fabric store and bought some heavy fleece, stuffing. Doggie print fleece. I traced an old toy (bone shape) and I made many, many toys. Now I use old jeans too. The denim seems to last longer than the fleece. I also make a toy that has elastic in it. Stretch it out so when it is sewed it shrinks up with a ball on each end with a squeeker. I gave some to neighbors and co-workers. All say there dogs eventually get the squeeker out of the other, but all dogs love the stretchy toy. Like a weiner dog looking toy.

    I wish I could sell them. I can make them look really nice if I take the time. But for my dogs I realized that they don't care what it looks like. They just like the squeeky toy. When I give them away, I do make them look nice.

    I have many all cut out so when I feel like sewing I can zip one up in 10 minutes. I bet I have 30 toys laying around my living room right now.

    I can make about 20 toys for the price of ONE at the store. AND I enjoy it.
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    There is nothing on earth that ny JR loves more than a toy with a sqeeker in it. Sometimes I will take her to Petco on a pet food run and she KNOWS which isle it is that has the toys. And will pick one up herself and carry it around the store in her mouth.

    If it is shaped like an animal, it will last a while because she treats it like its a baby, takes it to bed with her, nudging it with her nose, only making it squeek sometimes. If its shaped like a bone or a ball, its pretty much history immediately disembowled to get at that squeeker.

    MY floor is littered with pieces of stuffed animal material. Once they are empty of the stuffing and squeeker, she still plays with them. When the gkids were living here, they had a lot of large stuffed animals they had to keep away from Tills. er noticed if stuffed animals were larger than her, she was like, ohhh, thank you, a sex toy for me :(

    If she had not eaten parts of my sewing machine, it would be an excellent idea to make some instead of spending all that money at Petco.

    You should make some and sell them on Ebay :)

  3. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member little dog thinks all stuffed animals are sex toys for him and he is neutered!
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    Ha! I gave up buying stuffies for my girls a long time ago. Bostons are very dedicated chewers and nothing stands up to two of them for very long - they tag team the toys! They destroyed a $12 Water Wubba in under five minutes! Is that a record? They have it down to a system. First you rip open a seam, then pull out enough of the stuffings to get at the squeaker, carefully remove the squeaker (setting it aside for later), then pull out the remainder of the stuffings ... being careful to spread them over as many square feet of the living room floor as possible. Then the toy is done and you can play with the empty 'carcass'!

    I see so many adorable little stuffed toys and would love to buy them for the girls, but I don't. Not every dog is a destroyer though. I wish mine weren't! My cousin has an elderly poodle that still has every toy she's ever been given! Whichever one is the newest has the priviledge of being taken to bed with her at night - her new 'baby'. Every Christmas I buy her another one to add to her collection.

    You really should think of making up a bunch of your toys and selling them on eBay!
  5. susiestar

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    What a great idea! when Sweetie lived with us it was amazing the cost of pet toys at the store. Sweetie really LOVED Beanie Babies and the kids have hundreds of them, so we let her have them 1 at a time. She played with them, but didn't tear them up on purpose. But her baby to sleep with was always Jessie, LOL!

    I think you could sell them on ebay or etsy for some pocket money. That way others could enjoy your work too! I bet they ALL look awesome when you are done with them.
  6. Hound dog

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    Why not start a web site and start selling them in your spare time?? I can't tell you what I'd give for a good sqeaky dog toy for my girls. I know they always end up with the stuffing out eventually........but I'd prefer that didn't happen the same day or in 2 wks. Sigh Finding sturdy enough doggie toys to last a while is not as easy as it sounds.

    My girls love the elastic ones and use them for tug o war. They love the others too. But Betsy can have one defluffed in hours........of course then she has to play with only the "skin" cuz Mom won't buy her a new one until she's gotten a few months play out of it. Too darn expensive.

    Why not make some extra cash doing something your really enjoy? I'd probably be your first customer. lol :D

  7. KTMom91

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    Buddy is a dedicated chewer. He loves toys with ears and tails so he can carry them around and shake them, and then rip the seams and pull the stuffing out. I sew them back together until the fabric is too worn to hold the seam.

    Does your area have any craft fairs or farmer's markets? You could get a booth and display your toys there, and have fabric samples for special orders.
  8. Lothlorien

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    I stopped giving my dog those cute toys, because she'd hump them until she peed on them. It was gross.
    She loves her rawhides, so that's all she gets.

    I bet your doggie toys make really nice gifts, especially for people with a new dog. You could make them up and put some rawhides and then make a nice gift basket with them. Why not try to put them into a consigning store, where you take a space and sell your wares.
  9. TerryJ2

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    Kjs, I would absolutely, positively sell them on ebay. Just spend a tiny bit more time with-ea one. Write a really funny paragraph about Evil Knievel the Maniac Dog (or something) and how much these toys go through. Make a point of saying they are not produced in China, and they won't last forever but they're designed to prevent owners from losing their sanity.

    This could be fun, therapeutic, and profitable.

    "I wish I could sell them." We do, too!

    I would even visit ebay and buy some ...

    :) :) :) :)