My ex-drug abuser daughter got mortgage approve before

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by MidwestMom, Mar 14, 2009.

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    It can happen. My daughter, who did heavy drugs from age 12-19, has been approved (with her SO) for a home in the Chicago suburban area. Her credit is so good that they told her she was approved before they gave it to the underwriter, but he approved it too and right away. I'm really proud of her, and I want all of you to see that a difficult child can turn her life around, even if you are certain that the child is headed for a lifetime of crime and drugs. We totally thought daughter would be a lifetime criminal since she started so young and got in so deep. She smoked or snorted anything around, was an addict, stole, lied, was on parole twice, the whole nine yards. It wasn't fun. We never knew when the cops would visit.

    J. is in college now doing a three year course for Pastry Arts. She is the chef's favorite and in line for a possible scholarship. She gets straight A's, something she never did in high school. She did do well when we sent her to school for Cosmetology after graduation, however we have NO IDEA how she did so well because she was always high :(. She didn't like doing hair--cooking has always been her passion and she is exceptional. She works part-time at the college in their restaurant and has to make pastries for banquets and her SO is in computers. He has come far too. When she first met him, he didn't work, and I was afraid he'd never get a job and my daughter would have to support him, but he's supporting her now.

    Never give up hope on your kids. Never. Ever.
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    Wow! What a wonderful update MWM.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    I hope everyone remembers that there is always hope. Sometimes I read posts and I feel so bad because I know how it feels to think "My child will end up lost and in jail forever." But you can never know what will turn them around.
    Keep The Faith ;)
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    Thanks for the glimmer of hope........
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    Thank you so much for the positive update!
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    Thank you for this uplifting post.
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    That's great. I'm so glad that she turned her life around and is doing well.
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    I love happy endings! Thanks MWM!
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    What a wonderful ending. I love the idea of being a pastry chef. What a wonderful job. Good for her.
    You are right MWM, there is always a bit of hope that our difficult child's start to crave a productive life.

    I feel happy for your daughter and you. When one of "our" own does well it strengthens all of us warrior moms. Success shared is twice as sweet. Thanks.