My first experience with BiPolar (BP) cycling


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My still new daughter in law is bipolar, and is very, very good about taking her medications. She still has her up and down days, of course, but they are usually easy to deal with.

She wound up in ER on Friday (her parents took her, but I came over in the afternoon) with what they thought was appendicitis, but wound up being a really bad kidney infection. She has just moved back to town and gotten an apartment - my son is in Norfolk and getting ready to be deployed.
They pumped her full of fluids, antibiotics, and gave her scripts for antibiotics and vicodin, and sent her home (she's staying with her parents). She went over to the apartment yesterday to do some stuff, but then went back to her parents.

She just called me all crying and wound up because she hasn't heard from my son today. His phone doesn't work when he's in the ship, he had duty yesterday (but did email her) and he's getting ready to go to A school tomorrow. I have no idea what he is doing today - officially or unofficially, but it's honestly not a big deal that he hasn't been able to call her yet.

She was crying and saying no excuse was good enough, and she didn't want to talk to him when he does call, etc. I basically just got her talking about other things - asking her questions about the apartment and furnishings, her upcoming starting a different college, etc. By the time she hung up with me, she had stopped crying and was "calmed" down a bit.

I'm sure the infection and other drugs are interfering with her BiPolar (BP) medications.

Anyway, just wondering from all you more experienced moms if I did the "right" thing? I know my son can tell in a minute if her medications are working when he calls, and he HAS been known to tell her to take them if she hasn't and he'd hang up and call back in an hour once they've taken effect. But I think this time it was all the other stuff causing her to go down like this.


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You did excellent Skeeter!

When us bippy folks get sick we get medications, sickness, being tired, all that junk can just send us over the edge. She probably really felt the need to have him comfort her in some way and when she didnt hear from him it made things worse for her. It would me. If you can get a message to your son to call her, I would.

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Yep, I think you handled it wonderfully. It's the same thing I do. :thumb:

I'd also see if you can get a message to your son to call her. It would reassure her while she's so sick.



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I text messaged him and left him an email at his Navy address. But she's done so, too - probably numerous times.

Her apartment is right on may way home from work, so I'm planning (once she gets settled in) to set up a "date" night with her once every other week or so (or however much she can stand me!). If nothing else, I'll make sure she gets a good meal or two that way.