My first two weeks of work

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    My feet ache badly and my legs feel like they've been repeatedly slapped to the bruising point (without the bruising) but I get my first paycheck on Thursday!!!!

    YAY ME!

    I'm well on the way to realizing personal goals and plans.

    I've made friends with most of my co-workers (the ones I haven't met I can't say yet but one just kind of irks me - she's grumpy but I've been told she's going through something so I let it slide out of respect). I LOVE two of my co-workers so far. K and S are awesome and witty and funny! Very easy going too.

    My feet may ache and get crampy but I'll take it over being broke any day! I have three days off now until Thursday (and there's an employee dinner post Xmas). I hate being up at butt crack of dawn on weekends but again I'll take that over being broke any day.

    I rearranged my budget for 2012 and with this new job I'll have about 800 left over every month to split between savings, retirement (I've yet to start a retirement fund and it's getting nearly too late to do so, I'm 32 I should have started by now), and other various investments. That's after ALL the other bills, groceries, and debts!!! O-M-G!! I had to crunch the numbers a dozen times to believe that was true and I am ecstatic!! I can finally have a "for emergencies" savings fund! holy hannah banana! *grinz* I don't have to live paycheck to paycheck with this job... I can't believe it.

    I'm stunned really...very stunned.

    I am going to splurged on my next day off (Next Monday) after this week, I am getting a haircut! I haven't gotten one in over a year. I'm treating ME for a change. No one else wants to or cares to so I gotta do it myself.

    On a less nicer note...GRRR... it peeves me off and it's the so called status quo lately (which really doesn't help me feel all that respectful or lovey dovey personally)... I constantly ask for things to be done and they get put the a/c being left on the back deck...said to put it away and now it's a waste of money because the pup ate the plug in and the winter has now probably destroyed it. The tarp should have been taken down before the first snow fall, the snow broke it and the puppy tore it up all over the yard, it's still all over the yard...the garbage (we need seriously to do a dump run) I asked a week ago to have put in the garage so that the puppy wouldn't be tempted to go after it. He did, several times and now some turkey bones he ate he's puking up, that can kill him. Gee thanks.

    Flucking frustrating... and he only works two nights a week I now work 40 to 90 hrs every two weeks (these last two 96 hrs). COME ON, these are small things that can prevent costing us money...dang it.

    Just proves there is absolutely no respect for me at all but hey I now have a savings account about to grow ...
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    Awesome!!! Now enjoy the days you have off and make sure for some me time as in prop the feet up and order others around a bit. :)
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    Congrats on the new job and the extra money! YAY