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  1. Nomad

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    Need help re My Fitness Pal. Do you calculate the ingredients you use when prepping a meal or does the app already take that into consideration?

    Example: I had Talapia for dinner. Delicious. 3.0 ounces. But it was cooked with butter and lemon. When you put it in the My Fitness Pal App , it says Talapia 3.0 ounces. Do you also try to estimate the butter and lemon it was cooked in and add those numbers into your calories count?
    Thank you.
  2. Hi Nomad,

    Count 3 oz tilapia AND count how much butter you consumed approx (i.e. 1 tbsp). You don't have to count the lemon because it doesn't have any calories.
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  3. Lil

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    Yep. What she said. If you put 1 T of butter in the pan, and there's a bunch left after you take the fish out, feel free to cut it down by however much you think is left. That's what I do. Sometimes you can find listings for things like "tilapia sautéed in butter" if you search that way...but really, it's often guesstimates.
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