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Need help re My Fitness Pal. Do you calculate the ingredients you use when prepping a meal or does the app already take that into consideration?

Example: I had Talapia for dinner. Delicious. 3.0 ounces. But it was cooked with butter and lemon. When you put it in the My Fitness Pal App , it says Talapia 3.0 ounces. Do you also try to estimate the butter and lemon it was cooked in and add those numbers into your calories count?
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Count 3 oz tilapia AND count how much butter you consumed approx (i.e. 1 tbsp).

Yep. What she said. If you put 1 T of butter in the pan, and there's a bunch left after you take the fish out, feel free to cut it down by however much you think is left. That's what I do. Sometimes you can find listings for things like "tilapia sautéed in butter" if you search that way...but really, it's often guesstimates.
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