My friend lost a ton of weight and I'm jealous!


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I sound like a bad person but I am a little bit jealous of my very good friend who recently lost 122 pounds. That is a huge achievement and I should be totally happy for her. Don't get me wrong, I think her weight loss is great and I congratulated her over and over on it, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't the tiniest bit envious.

Remeron made me gain 46 pounds 2 years ago and since I stopped taking it I'm still having a heck of a time taking it off. Back in my twenties I gained 50 pounds with easy child's pregnancy, and it took me just a few short months to lose all my weight and get skinny again. Flash forward 14 years and my metabolism has slowed down to a halt. I joined weight watchers a year ago and lost 17 pounds of my weight then gained most of it back during the holidays. I started back on the plan this past summer but I didn't stick with it. I lost some then cheated and gained it right back.

I stopped going to meetings temporarily due to not getting a paycheck and I think that's made a lot of difference. Weighing myself at home isn't as inspiring as doing it in front of a bunch of people. Anyway, now that I'm back to work and getting paid again I'm back on the plan plus exercising 5 days a week. I lost two pounds this week and bragged about it on Facebook yesterday. I shoulda kept my mouth shut. This morning I weighed myself again and found out I gained those two pounds right back in just one day!

I have no idea what I did wrong yesterday. I only ate 1200 calories and I power walked for 30 minutes after work. Why the sudden weight gain? I am trying not to let it discourage me. I really need this weight off. I am 5'2 and now weigh 160 pounds. I suddenly have high blood pressure when I never have before this. I feel rather silly attempting to lose 45 pounds and failing at it when my friend managed to lose 122 pounds. If she can do it, then why can't I? I am going to stick with weight watchers and just shoot me if I decide to ever go off the plan again! I am going to look at pics of my friend and let her inspire me. If she can lose that much weight then I can lose some too. Wish me luck!


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CB.....No! Don't compare yourself with others. Forget it, someone will always be thinner. Live your life. Don't weigh yourself ever, maybe you pooped one less time, don't let your weight rule you. Its easy to say you should knock it off.....2 years ago I was in a hospital for only weighing 85 pounds. My obsession about my weight ruined my life. Each day do your best. That is all CB. Don't give you weight this much value.Peace my friend


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I now have high blood pressure due to my weight and I'm at risk for getting diabetes. I also get winded walking up one flight of stairs. 2 years ago when I weighed 120 I could jog several miles and not get tired. Now that I'm overweight walking up stairs physically exhausts me. It's imperative that I drop off some of this weight for my health if not my looks.


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It is quite possible that the two lbs was water weight. I've been seriously working losing weight that I gained while on atypical antipsychotics. I'm now diabetic and on metforming.

I am mostly eating according to the diabetic diet plan. With diet and help of the metformin, I am losing about 3lbs a month. So far, I've lost 21lbs since June. I gained a couple of lbs back and I know exactly where they came from: a combination of my elderly bachelor neighbour baking cookies for me (he's an awfully good baker, too), and my having fractured my fibula in July which had me riding the scooters while shopping as opposed to walking the store.

Even that little bit of exercise and over-eating made a difference for me. My leg is mostly healed and I've gone back to walking as much as I can before it starts to swell up and hurt.

Do little things for more exercise. Take the next closest space to the door when you park instead of the closest space. Check the Arthritis Foundation website for "chair exercises". These are exercises you can do while sitting. I've been doing 'sittercize" for many years. I started doing it when my job modernized and became very sedentary.

If you have access to a pool, say at your apartment complex, try to get chest-deep in the water and walk back and forth. This is good exercise. It's aerobic, doesn't strain the weight bearing joints. Very good for you.

I can't afford to join the Y up here to use their pool. But ever year during the warm season, I do water walking and stretches in the nearby lake. I missed most of this year due to the beach being closed due to pollution and really felt the lack.

How old are you, if you don't mind me asking? I know when I hit periomenopause, it was as if my metabolism slowed way down. I didn't gain weight, but the weight I'd put on from medications seemed bound and determined to stick around.

Being jealous of someone elses' weight loss isn't at all productive. Obviously, she's found a plan that works for her. Why not ask her for pointers with the caveat that fad diets or overly restrictive diets don't work for long term weight loss.


Obsessing over numbers and small fluctuations is going to get you nowhere but frustrated - I know, I used to do the same thing.

Try to get some form of exercise every day, and take it one meal at a time - make a conscious, intentional effort to make healthy choices, and don't obsess over numbers.

I highly recommend the Eat To Live books by Dr. Joel Fuhrman - I'm trying to steer my diet (not a DIET, but a way of eating) in this direction.