my friends bichon (Bella) was attacked

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by amazeofgrace, Aug 1, 2008.

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    today by a pittbull at the local dog park. Scarey thing was the pittbull's owners were there with Pitt and their bichon, and the two were fine together. But then their bichon went to say hello to my friend's bichon (bella) and the pittbull went after her. Luckily she's ok, shaken with a punture wound on her neck but it could've been worse. I think my friend is more shook up then the dog, she froze in horror, while the Pitt's owner started kicking it to get it off Bella. He is offering to pay the vet bills, my guess is he doesn't want her to file a police report. poor bella
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    OMG - easy child's bichon is also named Bella - How scary. Suppose the pitbull was protecting it's bichon? Who knows? Our Bella is terrified of a neighborhood dog that growled and snapped at her. We don't know why - maybe dogs have personallity clashes like humans? Our Bella will not go into our neighbor's yard if the other dog (on the other side of neighbor) is there.
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    Sounds like the pitt may have thought he was protecting one of his "pack" members. I ran into the same thing with Mr. Rowdy and the poor dog on the corner, right across the alley from us. Needless to say, Mr. Rowdy man has not left the back yard much since that episode except for the rare occasion when he escapes the yard. Only time Rowdy had an issue with the dog was when Betsy had gotten out of the yard with him. Betsy is friends with the dog on the corner and had gone to visit. And wham! In Rowdy's mind he was protecting one of his female pack members.

    I'd make a report. If only to make the owner think twice about taking this pitt out in public, and it doesn't sound as if he had a leash on either.

    Glad her dog will be okay.
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    I'm glad she's OK. I doubt he does want a police report made. If his dog wasn't on a leash, it'll be even worse for him. I think I would file one so it doesn't happen again.