My gd's upcoming wedding.

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DDD, Oct 27, 2011.

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    Our eldest grand is getting married next week. She and her Mom have been planning this wedding for six months and it is not small, lol. They decided to make it a backyard wedding on a grand scale. Trees have been removed to make sure they can accomodate 200+ guests, the house has been painted, the pool patio area blasted and ready, upscale portapotties ordered (the house is nice but not huge), the menu set and the caterers hired. My sd is outstanding at event planning and an awesome cook.

    The celebration is spread over three days. Sigh...I'm still trying to convince myself to leave the house and our business in difficult child's hand. Scarey if he drinks...fine if he stays sober. Double sigh. The rehersal dinner is at a friends on Thursday night. Friday night gd and future husband are entertaining at their house. Saturday at five the wedding takes place.

    I looked at Accu/ :sigh: Thursday, Friday and Saturday are all suppose to be rainy with Saturday's forecast including gusty winds. I emailed sd who loves me (not the Mother of the bride) and asked "what is Plan B?" She replied "there is no Plan B". Yikes! I truly can no imagine how awful it might be for them if the weather is accurate. I'm really good at organization and planning but I keep wondering what to heck would I do? Over ten grand invested to date (probably more) and where would a substitute venue be found at such a late date? I'm crossing fingers and hoping that they at least seek out alternative sites. What a bummer. DDD
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    hi ya friend,
    I think that at least you put the bug in her ear. Maybe they can rent one of those big beautiful tent-rooms. Been to a couple weddings in those.

    When Ant got married last month, they decided to give me only 4 days notice. I knew they wanted to get married and had picked July 2012, but due to having health insurance changes, moved it up to September..Labor Day weekend to be exact. So I had 4 days to plan. Her parents and I worked together and pulled off the wedding she wanted. It was deliciously simple...they got married at an overlook high above a river. She looked elegant in her white peasant dress and braided long hair. We all went to brunch afterwards at a restaurant with windows to the river's edge. Because it was a holiday weekend, the restaurant was nearly empty so we had the place to ourselves mostly. My brother performed the ceremony. lol

    No big hassle and it turned out like a dream. Hope your GD's flows as smoothly.
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    Hey, Janet. Good to see you again. They have tents to cover the backyard but as you know from visiting Florida "gusty" is not a mild breeze, lol. Fingers crossed. Glad that Ant's went well. If anyone could pull off a four day notice wedding it's you. Hugs. DDD
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    I just heard that what was Hurricane Rina has been downgraded and mayl just tap gently into FL over the weekend. I wonder if that's the weather expected.

    Worse comes to worse, they have the wedding indoors - what else can they do??

    Congratulations to gd anyhow! Some say that rain on your wedding day is good luck!
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    Good to "see" you again as well. Yep, if you remember last time I talked to you, I was in FLA and there was a hurricane so we could not meet. lol At first I said "no no no!!" when they suggested the wedding that weekend, but in hindsight, it saved a lot of money, planning and work. Not to say that I did not sleep for two nights when he told me. lmao