My God. It could have been me

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  1. I remember when I searched for treatment of my daughter that I asked the lady of that very treatment facility how they could prevent my daughter from running out in the desert. The treatment program is located in the middle of Death Valley in Nevada. They assured me that there were fences and new students were monitored carefully 24/7.

    I did believe them because they did run a similar residental program here in Lucedale of an excelent standard, but there was a little doubt that led us to choose another option.

    One of the former employees from our local program mailed me an article from Las Vegas Sun.

    19-year-old man found safe in Southern Nevada desert

    I am just shocked, but happy that I listened to the voice in my head. I can hardly imaging how hard it must have been for the mother.

    I pray that the family can overcome this incident and find peace together.
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    That is one nasty place to get lost in! Last month a mom and her 11yo son were visiting there and went off the beaten path because their GPS gave them bad directions (they're notorious for not working well in remote places) and they got stuck in the sand and were missing for several days in the extreme (115+) heat. When searchers finally found them, the boy was already dead. Mom and their little dachshund were okay -- severely dehydrated, but o.k.

    It's one thing to put a maximum security prison out in a place like Death Valley, but a treatment facility seems to be a poor fit for that locale.
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    Scary stuff! Glad you had your mother's intuition in full swing that day!