My granddaughter-to-be is a GRANDSON! Shock!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by MidwestMom, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. SomewhereOutThere

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    My son called me after his wife's last appointment. and he was upset because it's going to be a BOY, not a GIRL! I have to say I'm in shock because the doctors kept assuring them it was a girl. Well, that sneaky little pre-difficult child was hiding his male equipment...hehe. My son said there is no doubt it's a boy and he was sooooooooooo looking forward to a girl, Daddy's girl.
    So much for all the pink clothes I've bought!!! daughter in law also has to change what she wants on her registry. Everything is for girls! My son seems genuinely bummed out, but he'll get over it. My daughter in law is fine.
    And grandma? Well, I'm just SHOCKED!
    My youngest child, who is a certiable Tomboy, did a whoop when she heard it was a boy.
    So...I'm still going to be a grandma, but I'm going to have a grandSON. That kid is going to have a lot of Chicago White Sox clothes. I'd buy Packers clothes, but my son is a Bears
    Well, just a note :)
  2. Coookie

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    Oh MM... Congrats on your upcoming GRANDSON!!!!!!!!! :) This is just too cute.. :)

    I have a feeling your son will get over it. :) Sneaky little guy huh? :)

  3. Hopeless

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    Well congratulations and you better change your signature from "soon to make me a grandmother of a girl!!!" to "soon to make me a grandmother of a BOY!!!!"

    My difficult child wants only a boy because she said she was a horrible teenager and thought a boy would be much easier to raise (I had to laugh inside at this one). Anyway, we do not know the sex of the baby yet and I am just getting used to the fact that she is having a baby.
  4. Star*

    Star* call 911

    He can always try try again for Daddy's little girl -

    But in the meantime - HUGE BLUE CONGRATS ON THE BABY BOY -

    (I don't think he's pre-difficult child) i think he's just.....modest ! It's a good quality!
  5. hearts and roses

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    Congrats on the baby boy!! It's exciting either way, isn't it? I hope you saved your receipts~

    Remind your son of all the manly father-son things he can do!!
  6. klmno

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    Congratulations!! I'm another one who's voting that son gets over this!

    Just a thought- are they sure there isn't one of each in there?

  7. meowbunny

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    Just remind your son that (1) boys are cheaper, (2) easier to shop for, (3) cause less worry in their teen years, (4) not as mouthy, (5) just as cuddly when younger.

    In the meantime, congrats to all of you.
  8. susiestar

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    Congrats on the GRANDSON!!!


  9. Abbey

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    Congrats!! Boys are much easier to buy for when they are young. Enjoy!!

  10. DiC

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    Congratulations on that Grandson to be!
  11. Hound dog

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    Evidently the person who told them it was a girl neglected to tell them that although they weren't seeing male parts it didn't necessarily mean they weren't there. lmao Most ppl doing the ultrasound include this with the "it's probably a girl" thing.

    I busted up laughing. Too cute. But be grateful you all found out NOW instead of on his birthday.

    Lil guy is just modest. Nothing wrong with that. :meh:

    And not getting his Daddy's girl now gives him an excuse to try again later.

    Congrats on the baby boy.
  12. Lothlorien

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    I was told that Mighty Mouse was a girl. I had the room painted. I had pulled out all of Missy's clothes and washed and put them away. Then, exactly one week before he was born, I had an ultrasound and was told that he was a boy! Talk about a shocker!
  13. On_Call

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    First of all - CONGRATS!!! Your son will get over it when that little guy is born!

    difficult child was deemed a girl - I had lots of ultrasounds bcuz of elevated blood pressure - they all said "girl". HE was born on Leap DAY!! Surprised everyone, but me - I had some kind of weird Mother's intuition and wasn't too surprised. When we were sure no one was coming to visit, I must admit difficult child sometimes was in pink onesies and/or sleepers - it was the majority of what we had!!

    Now, just think of all the extra shopping you get to do!!! :D
  14. mrscatinthehat

    mrscatinthehat Seussical

    Well at least the surprise happened now not when he popped out. Congrats.

  15. DammitJanet

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    MB...who says boys are easier in the teen years? You havent met Cory obviously...lmao! However maybe that is because Cory was another one that the docs swore was going to be my little girl and he shocked us all when he came out a boy! I have to admit that with the grand kids I was a bit leery when buying stuff before they were born because of my

    Your son will be so thrilled when he meets his baby that he will forget he ever wanted it to be one thing or another. Babies have a way of wrapping their parents around their little fingers that way.
  16. meowbunny

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    Janet, I stand by boys are easier. I'll trade you two Cory's for one of mine from age 10-17. I think the only real difference was she didn't get caught. However, this is probably the only group that will hope the baby is not only healthy but also not a problem child -- not something the average family considers. So, if the bouncing baby boy is even halfway "normal," the boy is easier! :meh:
  17. PersonalEnigma

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    Congrats! We had that happen with difficult child. They said that it was going to be a girl, then difficult child arrived very much a BOY *LOL* With easy child I didn't put too much faith in the ultrasound (which was correct this time).