My great nephew that I have raised since he was 11 months old just turned 16

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    Starting this thread on behalf of our new member @Dolly

    First of all, thank you for welcoming me. My son, which is not my biological son, but, he is my great nephew that I have raised since he was 11 months old just turned 16. He is very disrespectful, angry and cusses. We will be starting counseling soon. I am also working on him seeing a psychologist.

    I am not able to discipline him at all. He had a destructive outburst this evening, which brought me to this site.

    I was able to get valuable information about the umbrella of emotionally disturbed.

    I don't have much more to say. I guess I just needed to share my feelings with others that understand what I am going through.
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    I'm sorry you are going thru this. It's hard to devote so many years to raising a child, only to end up with a teen who is emotionally, and pissibly physically abusive. So many children who have been adopted may have been exposed to drugs and alcohol during the prenatal period. Plus, they have emotional losses, even when adopted shortly after birth.

    I don't know your nephews history, but there could be so much going on. I so glad you are getting help for him, but you need help too! This is so hard to go through. If he threatens you, hurts you or damages your property, I would call the police. He is 16 and you probably have two more years to get through until you can have him move out.

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    Hi and welcome, dolly

    Do you have support for yourself? You cant handle this young man alone.

    Is he using drugs? Are there any mental health or developmental issues? Does he have problems at school?

    Are you scared of him? Does he threaten you?

    Please let us know how you are.

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