My home made pumpkin pies....

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    ....are kind of custardish and kind of hoover.

    I think I should have looked at more than one recipe. They set up fine but the The recipe didn't call for clove (which I thought was odd but I'm not much of a home made cook so whatever) or sugar. It (they actually...I got two pies out of the recipe) tastes like a pumpkin pie minus the clove and sweet.

    The recipe is titled REAL homemade pumpkin pie. I think that was the catch. It called for the pumpkin (baked and peeled from the skin), evaporated milk, eggs, ginger and nutmeg. I don't know....maybe I'm just used to a sweet pie but this.....meh. It's still warm so I'll taste it again after it's cool. I think though that I'm going to go to the store tomorrow, get another pumpkin and try a different recipe.

    I'll get a picture up of these pies though...they LOOK good but don't taste as good.
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    mstang67chic Going Green

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    Thanks, they sure need SOMETHING! LOL

    I've got that recipe.....I'm determined to make an edible one completely from scratch using an acutal pumpkin and not a can. *sigh* Back to the store tomorrow! LOL