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    I thought I already posted this. Must not have worked.

    First week in November we were told:

    "the contract is not signed, but we have decided to move forward with the outsourcing. We anticipate the contract being signed by the end of the month"

    I have yukky hours, but a good company, good pay, good benefits.

    I work in the data center. There are 4 mainframe operators. One has been here 29 years, another 12. Just out of a job. They predict a few months for the conversion. HR has not spoken to us. They have spoken to another group involved in the outsourcing.

    This is such an excellent company. Just in THIS park alone they employ 12000 people. And they have many other buildings down the road.

    Asked if they will find us another position, I was told "feel free to apply online".

    Those jobs are for scientists or PHD's.

    Don't know what will happen. completely depressed. Don't even want to get out of bed. What for. To fight with difficult child and worry about how we will live?
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    I truly understand. I work in a specialty field that is really hurting right now. I have found several companies have already gone out of business and I have forced myself to call people in this field that I never thought I could work for, but have had dealings with in the past. They have both been friendly and are trying to help me find something because they have had to lay off a lot of people this past year and are barely hanging on. This profession is VERY competitive so when it gets to a point where people in it are helping each other it only means one of two things- either there's a ton of work so no one feels a loss, or there is NO work and we start to feel compassion for each other. We are at the no work stage right now. I'm even telling them I'll take a temp position at entry level and I have a professional license and 20 years of experience.

    That wasn't meant to turn this into a thread about me- just to let you know that I understand. It is very hard to stay motivated in times like this. But, you'll get thru- just try to force yourself to do something to improve your chances each day. ((HUGS))
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    KJS I'm so sorry! I'm praying that things will turn out ok. How terrifying these times are. Hugs and prayers during this stressful time. Love, ML