My hurts so bad...

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by KTMom91, Jun 20, 2011.

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    Walking to the car yesterday, I stepped wrong, heard a loud pop, left knee hurt so bad I wanted to throw up. Had to go to Target, though, so I struggled through, came home, and crashed on the couch. It felt better this afternoon, so Miss KT and I got on with our errands, and I was fine...until I got out of the car.

    One step, and pop...crunch...and I nearly fell over. It's been several hours, and I can't straighten my leg out. I can barely walk, and I've had to pull the cane out just to get around the house. It feels almost like the muscle behind my knee has shortened, and my lower leg is tingling and numb. I've had ice on it, and that makes it feel better, but even shifting position on the couch hurts. Any idea on what I might have damaged? I know I only have scraps of meniscus left; the ortho refused to operate again. I really don't want to head down the road of knee replacement.
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    I don't know what it could be, but I'm sorry you're in so much pain. Take care of you. (((Hugs)))
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    That sounds so painful. I hope it isn't as serious as it sounds.
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    Owwie owwie ouch!
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    Well, it sounds like you may have blown your knee joint out-what little cartilage/meniscus was left is probably ground up or shattered. You ought to see your ortho tomorrow or ASAP. I'm so sorry, as you know, I can relate. We are the exact same age and my Dr said it's worth the risk of doing more damage to what's left by cleaning out the bone spurs and arthritis...the risk is that he goes in to clean out and ends up doing a partial. I don't want a partial-it's either all or none.I hope you feel better, big hugs.
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    My knee is just throbbing reading this .... Ouch !

    I hope you feel better very soon.

    My right knee does actually throb at night when I go to sleep.

    Another ailment I need to see a Dr. about ... Sigh ...
  8. Star*

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    As a woman who is living with a man that needs TWO complete knee replacements? DO NOT MESS WITH THIS ------I have ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE that hearts and roses knows exactly what she is talking about and that you should get thee to an ortho TOMORROW!!!!!! Ice - and a mild knee brace (like an ace wrap) tonight with some aleve -

    DO NOT put any pressure on it either - Have someone drive you - and KEEP OFF OF IT. You could damage it further even though you think you're not.

    Take care. Don't take a chance on this - it may be repairable at this point - keep going - and not.

  9. crazymama30

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    ICE= ice, compression, elevation. Do that and get into see the ortho. Not sure, but it does not sound good. You could have blown your ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) or just iced the cake to the damage that was already done.
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    PLEASE do not try to "tough this out". Start now taking advil or aleve at 2 times the recommended daily dose plus 2 extra strength tylenol with it. The tylenol is to take 3 times a day, no more. Taking tylenol with the nsaid will make them work much much better. But ONLY until the ortho sees you. If you have stomach problmes take prilosec and/or acid reducer 30 min before the nsaid (advil/aleve).

    When you elevate it put it up above the level of your heart. A recliner isn't enough.

    If you want to walk for the next few years/decades/rest of your life, go and get this checked out. Given that you are not working you may qualify for medicaid to pay for any needed treatment or surgery. But if you ignore it you will compound the problems. I have an aunt who needed knee replacements over a decade ago. NOw her bones are so damaged that the ends of the leg bones are fragile and they are not sure that they will work with a knee replacement. She may have done so much damage by jsut gritting her teeth and going along even though it hurt that she can't be fixed. PLEASE do not let this happen!!!!!!!

    If nothing else the doctor can tell you if a knee brace or ace bandage will help. If you are going to need ace bandages for a while, consider going online and buying them in bulk. One of the best investments I made in healthcare products was buying 50 3" wide elastic bandages for about $40 shipped. It lasted almost a year. I have NO idea where they go, but they disappear around here. And I would rather pay $1 for them than the price at the store. Also get safety pins - they work better than those clips that come with them.

    Also get a little 3 oz dixie cup and fill it 3/4 way with water. Freeze this and then take it out. Tear the paper away until some of the ice is sticking out. Use this to massage the area that hurts. I learned this from an ortho and a PT who both said that after the first day this works better than jsut putting a cold pack on it.
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    Thank you, ladies.

    It's not as bad today (of course), but I'm calling the doctor as soon as they open.
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    Get to the ortho. I hope you dont have to get a referral. I have to call my GP and get a referral and then wait for the referral first. takes me at least a week to get in. I have a feeling you have a feeling you have either blown the ACL or PCL or even torn the meniscus completely.
  13. Shari

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    With the shortened muscle feeling, it kinda sounds like an ACL....I sure hope its nothing, tho!
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    Any news? Hope you are feeling better soon!
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    How did it go?
  16. KTMom91

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    I fell back asleep, and didn't wake up till about 2. Miss KT wasn't home, and since my car overheats and the truck costs too much to drive, I have to coordinate my errands with her. I'll call tomorrow.
  17. Star*

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    Thank you for typing Anterior Cruciate Ligament - I have wondered and wondered and wondered about that A.C.L. thing for YEARs - and yet everyone just sits around chatting knees like "Oh I ripped my ACL" like they belong on the Marcus Welby show - and I nod, but have NO idea. DF has had TWO ACL's, and needs two knee replacements and has horrible scars - and I just THANK you very much for that life-time appreciateion award, because they way my brain connects - everytime I heard it before I always think - ACLU - and there is nothing CIVIL liberties about broken knees -

    The other one that gives me the giggles - Miniscus. It's like - I tore MY min iscus. Not YOUR min iscus - but MY Miniscus.

    Okay - back to what would chickens sound like if they had lips and off to bed.

    KT - Hope you feel better - someone here sounds like a knee doctor. I on the other hand give medical advice that should be followed by the words -----

    ooooh eeeeee oooooh aaaaaaah ahhhhhhh ting tang walla walla bing bang......
  18. Hound dog

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    Make sure you call.

    I worked orthopedics ages ago. All that snapping and popping.......along with the tingling feeling like you've got a shortened muscle doesn't sound good. It needs checked so you don't do more damage.

    I know you're not anxious to get a replacement.......but at this stage in the game, it would actually probably be very worth it. You're suffering most of the time. With replacement there is the surgery recovery and PT and you're done, no more suffering.
  19. KTMom91

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    No openings today; I have an appointment at 8:30 tomorrow morning.
  20. Shari

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    Keep us posted!

    FWIW, my dad tried his best to avoid knee replacements for 10 years +. It got to the point that he did nothing but lay on the couch, and then he still hurt, before he decided to have something done. He was a bit older than you when it started, but not much. He waited til he was 60 to do the first one, and he was so thrilled with the outcome, he couldn't wait for winter to do the other one. When he passed away, he was like a kid again, running around. He had bought a JET SKI!!! And he and his little sandbox buddy took it to the lake ALL THE TIME. We all wished he'd done it sooner.

    Anyway, hopefully just food for thought. Just don't want you to live in pain if the are options. We luv you!!!