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    I didn't want to hijack hound's thread, but this story makes me laugh....
    I had ordered a gift for Two Broom's for Christmas, and 2 days before Christmas, got notice that it was backordered. So, husband and I decided we'd make her a nice small collage of photos from our wedding. Something she wanted.
    So I took the negatives of wedding photos to a large chain pharmacy store and requested prints at the one-hour photo lab, to be picked up the next day.
    Christmas eve, 1pm, Wee in tow, I arrive. The place is jammed, as I'm sure you can guess. And Wee was in the height of his "licking the canned goods" difficult child-ness, with a serious aversion to shopping places. AND, I had recently been given the suggestion to "lead" Wee instead of holding his hand and making him walk with me (the tidbit that made us grocery store accessible again). So when I had to take him to a store with me, he walked behind me. He was about 4, and very small for his age, so I'm sure I looked like parent of the year.
    So I went in to get my photos, and they had a note on them. The clerk wouldn't give them to me, and called the manager. The manager said they were professional photos and they could not release them to me without a release from the photographer. They were not professional photos - they were snapshots taken, but they would have none of it. Needless to say, I left without my photos. (I found out about 2 hours later, that I could sign a form that releases them from liability IF I were lying and the photos were copyrighted and someone came after them about it. - But, too late).
    As I was walking out, I told the manager, who was following me, that I would not be back. And just as I finished my statement and turned to leave, with tiny Wee 3 ft behind me in tow, customers watching as we headed to the door, this little voice loudly shouted "dumba__".
    And I haven't been back. lol (not to that store anyway. been to others!)
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    Go Wee!!!!!

    I wish I'd had him a few times... Or his clone, anyway...
  3. Shari

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    Sometimes, his timing is impeccable.
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    Omg, rofl!!!
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    :rofl: :rofl:

    Out of the mouths of babes.........
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    Funny how often they're right. Or channeling our thoughts.
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    That's one thing about kids that age - they're brutally honest!

    We were in the grocery store one time when mine were little - my daughter was about seven and my son was just barely two. We were in the checkout line, kind of blocked in on both sides. My son was in the baby seat in the cart and my daughter was in front of my cart and behind this very large lady in line in front of us. Suddenly, without looking behind her, this lady starts backing up with her cart. I couldn't manuver my cart backwards fast enough and Allison had nowhere to get out of the way. The lady stepped on her foot, making her cry, and as the rude *itch pushed past her she said, "Little girl, you need to get out of the way!" I was just standing there with my mouth open, speechless! But as she went past my son in the cart, he looked her right in the eye, with the most evil look that a two year old can muster, and loudly said, "You a FAT lady!!!!" And he wasn't just making an observation - it was an insult! Shut her right up! When a two year old tells you that you're fat, you really ARE fat!
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    Bwahahha! Love it.
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    LOVE Wee!!

    Donna, your son was awesome!!!