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    those of you who know me, know that I'm always looking for a challenge to keep me from getting bored. I think, however, this is one of the best things I've ever done. I am doing homebound instruction for a difficult child---he is moderately autistic and quite a handful. He is 18 and has the same name as my difficult child---and it fits him well. I go everyday from 4:30-6:00. We spend the first hour on learning our basic living skills---reading, math, phone/address/ss. Then we read and write. He is fascinated by superheros---especially the Hulk. He is a big guy---almost 6 ft. and over 300 lbs. He has a lot of cognitive delays and has horrible headaches and is very argumentative with his mom---like most young people are. And he is very ODD. I am able to make him laugh and get past his arguments. I really enjoy working with him. He has a very funny sense of humor and a great imagination. Yesterday we wrote a story about Yunno and Yunnette---twins from Munatia in the X-dimension.

    I'm going to do another post about how to teach counting change. If any of you have worked with your difficult children with this skill, please give me some hints.
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    I think this is great. :D Lucky kid. And good that you enjoy it.

    Oh, and look on your money thread.

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    Counting change back? Ha! That is a lost art. It's basically counting backwards. Start with the smallest possible amount, usually the penny and go up. It just takes a bit of practice.

    I always required the kids to count change. What they want to do is mental math. Well, that works for some, but if you go small to big you most likely will eliminate mistakes.

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    EW you are an amazing person. Love, ML
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    Ditto! What a great thing you are doing~
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    How awesome! I'm glad you are enjoying it, too.
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    That sounds incredibly rewarding! How'd you get involved with this?

    Feels good to have a "hobby", doesn't it? I've finally gotten back into first aid/medical team work - worked a big hike up here last weekend. Yes, I bandaged nasty blistered feet and dealt with heat exhaustion for an entire day.....and it was wonderful. :) It's so nice to do something that's not for yourself or your family....which sounds weird, but ahhh, it's a great feeling!
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    WOW EW - YOU TOTALLY ROCK..........:D:D:D

    I tried to teach Dude how to count back change - but since he was (at that time) a huge thief and liar? We started out with 8.00 and I ended up with a buck sixty -:faint:

    If I can get him to do it - Dude's 3 wheeler is covered in the HULK - I'll take a picture of it. He built it from junk - and it's nearly 28 years old - but he's very proud of his creation.