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So, Youngest and her fiance and kids finally moved out week before last, while I was on vacation. They drove down to Florida and were staying with his parents, until he started work and they could move into a newly rented home. It was a weird sensation, coming home from the beach to an empty, quiet house. It took me a few days to get used to it again. I spoke to her or texted every day, no different than when she was here in VA, really. There were a few glitches, but she was handling it well, I am really proud of how far she's come. However, there are now some complications, as there tend to be with my difficult children. Nothing ever goes off without a hitch.

Youngest has been having cramping and bleeding off and on since Ella was born in June. Had seen the doctor, all was declared normal, just give it time. Before they moved, she was given a Lupron shot, she had been on Lupron before because of endometriosis issues, and they wanted to give her the shot before her Medicaid ran out at the end of this month. Well, the past week, pain/bleeding got worse, and she began feeling extreme fatigue. She finally went to the ER night before last, it was so bad. They did an exam and ultrasound, and found a mass on her cervix :( Endometriosis is also back with a vengeance, so it could be related, I guess. They said she needs a biopsy ASAP.

So, because she still has Medicaid in VA, FL hasn't approved her application down there.. they say they have to wait until VA cancels it here first. However, other than the ER, no doctor down there would see her or do a biopsy because they can't accept VA Medicaid. So, she called her doctor up here, and they are now all driving back up to VA. She has an appointment Monday morning with her OBGYN, who will do his own exam and then order the biopsy. She has until 9/30 to get this figured out, then her Medicaid here runs out. FL says they have 45 days to approve her after VA runs out, so it's tricky .. does she try to stay up here and extend her Medicaid here, or does she go back and hope they backdate everything? And will any doctor see her down there in the meantime? Probably not. I guess the decision will depend on the outcome of the biopsy.

Her moods are still pretty stable. She's still on Lamictal for her seizures. Her neurologist wanted to switch her back to topomax after the baby was born, but she refused, since the lamictal/kepra combo is working well to control her seizures (and moods, although she will never ever admit that.. she still won't admit she's bipolar and gets very angry if I even bring it up). I think she can get one more refill in before her coverage for that is gone.

So, I will have a houseful again, for a little while anyway. Please send some good vibes her way that the mass is benign and treatable.

Oldest has been holding steady with her latest bartending gig, making decent money. Despite that, I had one crying call about being worried about not making her rent. I didn't give her anything. I do continue to buy her ostomy supplies monthly. She still has not made any effort to apply for assistance with that, unfortunately. However, I can't just refuse to buy the supplies because she needs them to function. She can't not have them. I'm just resigned to paying for them for the foreseeable future.


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{{{{hugs for you and your family}}}} I don't have any advice but wanted you to know that I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts. {{{{hugs}}}}


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Oh sheesh Cva. Well, I think this calls for being with Mommy. Im glad she was able to come home to you. I hope she can get it taken care of.

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I also hope she can get it taken care of quickly and that it's nothing too serious. Good reason to go home for sure.


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Thought I'd update this to give the outcome. The "mass" on Youngest's cervix turned out to be a cyst and nothing to worry about. Doctor here offered to set her up for a laparoscopy to clean up endometriosis, but the first date he could give her was November, so she nixed that. She and fiance and kids are back in Florida.

In true difficult child fashion, despite my advice that she wait and see what the doctor said before worrying about Medicaid issues, she called her social worker up here the day she got back and got her Medicaid extended, because she was in a panic at the possibility of having to stay up here for awhile. Then, three days later, she finds out all is well and she's going back to Florida, so now she needs to call and and say "never mind" so that it won't affect her aid applications in Florida. I don't know if she's done anything about it yet and honestly, I don't want to know.

So, the good news is her health is ok. I got to spend a few extra days with the grandkids and have my "fix" until I see them again in a few months. And my empty nest is empty and peaceful once again. To celebrate that, I'm having a party next weekend ;-) Y'all are invited.


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I'm glad to hear that it was just a mass. I hope that she will settle in down in Florida soon! Enjoy your quiet house!


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C in Va,
" I am really proud of how far she's come. However, there are now some complications, as there tend to be with my difficult children. Nothing ever goes off without a hitch. "
Truer words have never been said. This always happens to my difficult child too. It's like complications are attracted to them.
What a nightmare. I'm glad it was just a cyst though. Not that it makes it easier for her but at least she doesn't have that overshadowing fear.
I'm enjoying an empty nest too. Amazing how much cleaner the house is. LOL.


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Thank goodness it was not more serious. Glad you can detach from her responsibilities at this point.

Enjoy the empty nest once again!