My little girl is growing up

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by JJJ, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. JJJ

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    Piglet got her period today. Such mixed emotions. She is going to be a peanut. It looks like she may break 5 foot when she is done growing. Kanga and Piglet both got their periods at 11yrs 11mons. (Birthmom got hers at 10.) The very, very good thing is that Piglet remains firmly a easy child!!!!!!!!!
  2. AnnieO

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    Wow... I remember when difficult child 1 got hers the first time... On a visit when BM had residential... She had a meltdown the night before and then apologized the next day, said she knew "why" she had the meltdown (I am sure there was more to it)... Asked me what she should do about it.

    I already had pads for her. BM swore she was heading for puberty at 8 and would get her period early. Just like yours - 11 years 11 months. I was (I think... I can't remember real well) 12/4. So not that far apart.

    Glad she's still easy child. Got children's motrin on hand?!
  3. hearts and roses

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    Congrats to Piglet! When mine got theirs for the first time, I took bought them a chocolate bar and flowers. I was trying to put a positive spin on it. After a few months, they caught on, hahah.

    It's a strange feeling when our girls reach this milestone, isn't it?
  4. JJJ

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    My mom already brought her a snow globe that says "Forever Young". I'm going to take her shopping tonight to buy her some new bras (she really grew up there over the last month too).

    I was 14/3 so to me this seems so young. The only sad part is realizing how small she is going to be -- a silly thing but the children born in our family tend to be tall, but not all so it isn't as if she'll stick out but she wanted to be tall. Ah, the crosses we bear LOL.
  5. mrscatinthehat

    mrscatinthehat Seussical

    congrats to the new day of your young lady. Sigh, they grow into those moments so fast.

  6. svengandhi

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    I was 11.9 and my daughter was almost 14. She just graduated HS and told me the other day that she is SO glad she didn't get it sooner.

    Funny story - my mom got hers at 9. Her older sister got hers at 15. They are 5 years apart. My aunt never forgave my mom for having her period a year earlier than her. My mom is barely 5' tall, her sister was 5'11! I am 5'1 1/2" and my girl is 5'3".

    Congratulations to Piglet.
  7. JJJ

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    How weird is this? Kanga got her period yesterday to -- so even living 100 miles apart, their periods are the same week.
  8. everywoman

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    Jana got hers very early. I had been talking since she was 6 and started getting breast buds---I think she was about 10, maybe a little younger. I had a hysterectomy when she was 2, so I had nothing in the house----I remember her waking me at 5 am crying because she had started. She is about 5' if she is tiptoeing it a bit.
  9. Wiped Out

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    Congrats to Piglet! easy child was 11 and a half when she got hers. She is 5 feet almost 4 inches tall. She tells everyone she is 5 feet 4.