My "Little Sister" is ADHD/bipolar and in Day Treatment (gulp)

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by MidwestMom, Aug 27, 2008.

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    I volunteered to be a Big Sister (as in big Brothers, Big Sisters--although I'm old enough to be It took a year for me to get a match. The child is thirteen, but more like seven, has bipolar and ADHD and just got out of the hospital after a bad time with Zoloft. I'm taking her to a small children's zoo in our area. Does that sound like it would be a good place to go? I'm trying to make this a success.
  2. totoro

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    I would think so, especially if you can do it when it is not too busy. We take K to the Dessert Museum here and the Zoo, but we like it because we can just sit and take a break if she gets overwhelmed, and still enjoy the animals.
    She can get her popcorn and special treat and she loves it. If it gets to be way too much then we leave! LOL
    When we get to see the petting zoo part of it, K just lights up.
    Also it is good for K because it is outside, we don't have to watch her volume control as much! She can run or walk.
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    I would think so, especially if she isn't into "cool" age-related activities. It would give you two things to look at and talk about, in a relaxed setting.
    Wow. You're a neat person to do that. The only thing I volunteer for is making brownines for school.
  4. gcvmom

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    Zoos are GREAT places for kids with issues like hers. Freedom to move about, set your own pace. Engaging things to see. No lines. PERFECT!

    Hope the two of you have a really good time.
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    That's great, MWM, and I think the zoo sounds like a good place to visit.

    I had a little sister for a couple of years...she got us kicked out of Walmart... I hung for a while, but I just couldn't deal with her then go home to difficult child 1. Will try again when I run out of difficult child's at my own home. lol
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    Well, trust me, I'm no saint. My kids are all growing up. Twelve year old doesn't need or want me around that much. Fifteen year old son is mature and also not needing much attention.
    This child is 13, but mentally 7. We went to the zoo and it was great. She was a little flighty, running here and there, but she loved the animals and we both had a good time. I hope I can keep this up. She is going to day treatment for school, and she really needs friends!
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    That is so great! It really is wonderful of you to do these things with her. We all know how tiring G'sFG can be and if someone will take the time to show them that despite the fact that they have issues, they can still do normal and fun things, someone cares about them. It helps them make it through life!
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    while we were away my Mum took difficult child II to cape may zoo, and he did really well, much better then the board walk, and at 13 it sounds like she'll be fine, perhaps get her a throw away camera so you can let her take pictures and scrapbook them together at a later date