My littlest furbaby is in the pet hospital!

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Kathy813, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. Kathy813

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    I guess this should be in Watercooler but I feel more at home here in the SA forum.

    Buddy, my 2-year-old shih tzu ate something that made him sick. He kept trying to vomit but wasn't able to. Then his little body started shaking and he became very lethargic. When I couldn't even get him interested in his favorite toy, I knew something was wrong.

    My first thought was to check difficult child's room to see if she had spilled any of her medications but I didn't see anything. husband and I decided that Buddy needed to go to the vet so I called and they said to bring him right in.

    The vet did an xray and did blood work and said his liver enzyme was elevated which showed his liver was fighting a toxin. She recommended keeping him overnight and pushing fluids into him to flush out his system and also gave him barium to coat his stomach.

    I called a little while ago and they said he was doing well. He never did vomit so hopefully the fluids are working. They are redoing the bloodwork in the morning and watching to see that everything comes out at the other end if you know what I mean.

    Luckily, we have pet insurance on Buddy so that will cover 80% after the first $200. difficult child asked how much the insurance cost and I told her $24 a month. She asked if she could get pet insurance to cover her. LOL

    Please keep a good thought for my Buddy boy.

  2. Nancy

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    Awww poor little fuzzbutt. Hope he continues to improve and liver enzymes go back to normal.

    I took my 12 yo shih tzu to the vet today for her shots/checkup and it cost $421, yikes. I can't tell husband, especially because she has to get her teeth cleaned for $600 June 20. She has some gum issues that are causing her problems, not eating enough milk bones I guess to clean her teeth.

    I think I'll check into this pet insurance.

  3. AnnieO

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    :hugs: Kathy, I'm sending good thoughts to Buddy...
  4. Kathy813

    Kathy813 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Nancy, I sent you a PM about the pet insurance.

    Step, thanks for the good thoughts!
  5. pinevalley

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    I hope your little dog recovers quickly from his illness. HUGS to both you and your Buddy...
  6. AmericanGirl

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    Kathy, I hope Buddy is better! It is awful when our babies are sick.

    Nancy, i have a dental scaler and mine will allow me to scrape their teeth. I cannot get to all the spots but this has made an enormous difference in their mouths...and breath.
  7. Calamity Jane

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    I just saw this...hope your lil Buddy is doing better today.
  8. buddy

    buddy New Member

    How is Buddy today? Hope he is feeling better!
  9. Nancy

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    Kathy how is buddy this morning?

    Right after I responded to your pm about the insurnace my fuzzbutt fell down the steps and hurt her leg. She pulled it up and wouldn't walk on it. Since it was late I just put her on our bed and we went to sleep. She did not move the entire night which of course told me she was hurt bad since she often jumps off the bed and onto the chair by the window. I brought her back into the vet at 8am this mornign and they gave her a pain shot and xrays. Thank goodness it doesn't look like anything is broken but a lot of swelling. I'm waiting for confirmation from the radiologist but have pain pills for her and have to keep her calm for several days. That won't be a problem since her alomst 13 year old body doesn't move as fast as it use to. She's just laying on the chair now and she wants me to hold her all the time.

    I feel awful and like a bad mom. I usually carry her downstairs for going out before bed but I let her go down herself and she lost her footing.
    So in a little over 16 hours I spent over $700 at the vet with her ;(

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  10. SomewhereOutThere

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    Aw, Kathy...I am a rabid dog lover and little ****zus are so adorable! I hope your furbaby has a fast and complete recovery and that you can bring t he little one home soon so that you can give him cuddles and love again.

    Later: OMG! I just read about your other furbaby. Honestly...when it rains, it pours. Wishing her a speedy recovery as well!

    You're not a bad pet mom. Stuff happens and we can't always stop it. You took them to the vet. That was your job, and you did it!
  11. Kathy813

    Kathy813 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Buddy is home and doing fine. Nancy, I feel your pain. Today's bill was over $600. I'm hoping that the pet insurance will cover about half of that after the deductible is paid.

    They shaved the fur off his front legs about 2 inches up from his feet for the IV needles. He has poodle legs now. LOL

    I know what Nancy means when she says she feels guilty. That always happens to me when one of my furbabies needs medical attention.