My Long Whine

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Hound dog, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. Hound dog

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    I don't know what it has been about this quarter, but I swear it's been one thing after another.

    I've caught so many darn "bugs" it's not funny. And I'm not usually one to catch anything.

    Then the whole income tax thing.... Which by the way triggered the whole possible minor heart attack episode of last week.

    Then just a couple of days after I get home I'm hit wth yet another virus. This one is a loo loo. Mostly chills and raging fever and "aches" that feel like I'm being beaten with a ball bat. Can't recall feeling this horrible since Nichole and I both caught the flu back when she was 2.

    I made it to chemistry yesterday then came home and crashed. I've basically spent yesterday and today out cold in bed, waking up only to deal with chills or to take tylenol for the fever. I didn't get to english.

    Tomorrow is chemistry again. I dunno if I'm gonna make it or not. I finally crawled out of the bed again around 8pm and have been forcing myself to work on the Research paper. I finally gave up because I can't tell if it's not "flowing" to me because I'm sick, or because it really isn't "flowing". lol

    I read over her syllabus today. English teacher knocks off a half a letter grade for each missed class. Since I've missed 4 now, that's 2 letter grades for me. (oh goody) And I doubt I was making more than a B to begin with.

    Awful, but I hope she suggests I drop the class and take it again later.

    And is all that isn't enough, husband's car dies in the middle of the freeway on his way to work this morning. sister in law used his triple A to have the car towed back home. sister in law is going to fix it for him tomorrow, but I had to buy the parts. The money I'd put back from my school loan refund has rapidly disappeared. (good reasons) So I don't know how I'm going to pay for doctor visit co-pays now. And the dentist is out.

    I am more than ready for this quarter to be over. And quite honestly, I'm not so sure I'll be going next quarter.

    Ok. Done whining now. On my way, yet again, back to bed. And I hope I at least feel human tmorrow.:tongue:
  2. flutterbee

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    Lisa -

    When it rains, it pours. It's so frustrating when we can't accomplish what we set out to accomplish because life decides to get in the way. You've worked so hard on that English paper. At least if you have to take the class again, you'll be a step ahead? Is that a silver lining?

    I hope you feel better soon.

    Both of my kids were saying they felt bad last night - headache and upset stomach. I told them I'm on steroids and it lowers my immune system, so not to breathe on me. I was standing right next to Devon when I said it. He turned and breathed right into my face. On purpose. I know he didn't understand the seriousness of it and thought he was being funny, but I could have taken his head off. He's home sick today. Sigh.


    Take care of you. Nothing has happened this quarter that can't be fixed - or redone. The money situation really bites. Please don't miss your doctors appointments. If you explain your situation to the doctor, they might waive the copay or let you pay later.

    Also - regarding the medications...can they substitute anything you're taking for generics on the $4 drug list at walmart? I ask because when I had my heart attack I had just given notice at my job days before and was going to be without insurance. Except for the blood thinner, all of my medications they prescribed are on the $4 list (my beta blocker, ace inhibitor, statin and nitro). The doctors had the printout from walmart so they could decide what to rx.
  3. Star*

    Star* call 911


    I'm sending you a basket with Lysol spray, Wipes, hand sanitizer, Oust air sanitizer, a bottle of bleach, and a face mask, tylenol, chicken soup, gingerale- and a crucifix.

    Sounds like you've had the devil this week ! (use the cross) lol

    Hugs for you -

    Sounds like you have it under control despite the things you can't control.

  4. KTMom91

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    I recently found out that Longs Drugs will give you discounts on your prescriptions if you are a AAA member. Since we don't have health insurance, this was wonderful news. My Paxil was costing me $80/mo, and now it's $24.81/mo. This discount is just one of many that they offer in addition to the towing, road service, etc. that we're used to. Anyway, just something that might help you out a little! Hope you're feeling better!
  5. ML

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    Praying for a much better second quarter.
  6. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    It has not been my day.:sheepish:

    Nichole wakes me up in time for school because she realizes she has a test and I'm her only transportation. I decide to brave chemistry since I'm feeling a bit more human, only for both of us to discover that her instructor cancelled the class.

    I survived. But came home in a rotten mood. Not sure if it was the virus or the roll I've been on lately.

    Nichole had orientation for Mc Donald's at 7pm. Travis goes to work at 8pm. Travis is having a fit because I told him he's going to work early cuz I'm not driving across town 3 more times this evening.

    Nichole had no one to watch Aubrey. easy child got called into work. sister in law was already watching his 5 yr old sister and Darrin. boyfriend was at school. boyfriend's Mom? Oh, please. The woman hasn't spent a moment alone with the baby in 2 yrs.

    So I told Nichole to put her down for the night. husband could sit with her til I got back. (since she wasn't asleep yet)

    I come home from running both kids to their workplaces to doggies in trouble. (ought to be a movie), Aubrey yelling cuz the time change hasn't registered for her yet, and husband waiting to go to bed.

    Then I'm yelling and growling and picking up doggie messes. husband disappears upstairs. I feel bad cuz my fur babies were a bit fearful of me tonight. But I couldn't help it. I just sort of blew.

    Then I sat down to write that [email protected] paper. (finish it actually) I'm just starting to go good, and doggies have decided to BE good and the phone rings. Answering machine picks it up, I hear Nichole, grab the phone and it's dead.

    I almost thru the phone thru the wall.

    So I hop in the car to drive across town to go get her. She's not there. (I was in no mood I asked the manager lol) She caught a ride with a girl that lives on our street. Fuming I have to be careful not to get a speeding ticket on my way home.

    I tend to speed horribly when I'm mad.

    Nichole realizing my mood was not one to reckon with, gushed her apologies explaining she was worried when I didn't answer the phone. And then she hurried and fixed the phone.

    She decided to finish her paper in the morning. Wise girl.

    So it's now 12:37am and my paper is finished. I just need to work on the Works Cited page and fix up my quotations. Maybe will take about 20 mins tops. (I always save that for last)

    And my fever is once again 104 degrees. So I'll be popping my nite medications and tylenol.

    The kicker: I have to go tomorrow. I need to figure out if I should drop the class or not. Cuz I know she's not happy with the 4 days I already missed, but I'll be missing her "Presentation" day next week for the cardio. The Presentation is our Final. And I need her siggy on the form.

    Me, stress??? I don't have any stress? Whatever were the docs thinking???

  7. flutterbee

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    Is it something in the Ohio air?

    You have a *really* good excuse for missing her class. I would think she would be understanding. I would hope. I will keep my fingers crossed that you don't have to take the class again.

    I'm also keeping good thoughts and prayers for your angiogram on the 20th.