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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by JJJ, Nov 21, 2011.

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    Has anyone used MyMobileWatchdog on their kids cell phone?? Eeyore wants a smatphone and our local dealer is running a special so we are considering it. My main reason for considering it is the ability to add MyMobileWatchdog to his phone so that I can see all of his texts, etc. Right now I can tell who he texts but not what is said.

    It looks like a great program but I wish I knew someone who was actually using it.
  2. DaisyFace

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    JJJ... No matter what app you get... It can be removed... BUT - you can make it a requisite. "If you remove or disable this app, you lose the phone"...

    I will ask a few of my friends...
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    I know with the ipods I can set it so they need a passcode to add or remove apps or make in-app purchases. I'm hoping this is the same.
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    I added an app lock to my phone so Q can't get in to the apps.... of course the phone had one to get into the phone but hte app lock lets you do the same for each app. you pick as many or few as you want to lock. I use a pattern code but it will allow a password if you prefer to use a word.

    It works well... but can at times slow down access to things, that is worth it to me.

    DF, the phone you posted, looks interesting..... but I read it and it says the internet controls only work when they use the mobile network, not if it switches to wifi. wonder if you can disable wi fi???
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    Kajeet has more parental controls than any other company. they also ahve consistently high ratings from parent mags and parent groups.

    We LOVE Net10. Minutes are NEVER mroe than 10 cents each. You can get 750 minutes for $25 per month. They don't roll over is the only drawback. As long as he uses more than 250 per month it is an awesoem deal. Unlimited is $50 per month. Texts are 1/2 min to get and to receive. Internet usage is charged in units per minute, though I don't know what as I don't go online.

    husband has their touch phone (LG800G - sells for $50, no contract) and loves it (I HATE it but I hate touch phones altogether). Jess has the LG500G - sells for $29.99 and loves it. I have the LG 900G (39.99)and it is the best phone I have ever had. Very easy to use, good battery life, good quality pics for a phone, etc.... All of these are mp3 players too, you just put the songs/whatever on a microsd card. They also all use a microUSB cable for data and battery charging, which is great in the car. I actually have the miniUSB cable and use an adaptor with the phones to charge, etc.... Makes it very easy and the adaptor was $1 from ebay.

    CVS will have the lg900G (my phone, regular $40) for $19.99 in their Black Friday ad. I think it even starts on Thanksgiving - and that is half off. These phones are very useful and we haven't had any problems loading apps of any kind. With the 750 minute plan for each of the phones it is still way less than HALF of teh family plan we had, esp once the taxes, fees, etc... were put on.
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    thanks susiestar!
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    I hadn't heard of app locks for Android... So that would definitely be worth it!
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    I don't know....we haven't purchased it yet...

    We still have not decided whether it is OK for difficult child to use a phone with all kinds of parental controls, or whether she will be so determined to get around the parental controls that she should have no phone at all....
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    Buddy, I think that the cheapest phone they have on that website is NOT a smartphone so it wouldnt be able to access wifi.