My mom always said I was a little dense. This proves it. LoL

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    On my way to work since April this year I drive down Jefferson, a fairly busy road in my town. There is this huge homemade sign that is almost the size of a billboard and its propped up on the ground and it says ROCK CHIP REPAIR 35.00. For months I have thought to myself, boy this is a sign of the economy people will turn anything into a job these days. Another day, boy some people must have more money than they know what to do with. Why they must be talking about those large landscape rocks that have your house number or name on it. I wonder how they learned how to do that, and where in the world do they learn this. I collect rocks with my difficult child and I wondered who would pay 35.00 to repair one. I just couldn't get it, but there the sign is everyday and it has amused me for months. TODAY, I am driving and I look at the building next to it and it is a get this, GLASS SHOP. They repair the rock chips in your windshields. I drove a mile to my job with my mouth wide open and then complete hysterical laughter and awe about the dense factor that had played a part in my life for so many months on the way to work. Please lets laugh at ourselves and share our dense moments we need all the laughs we can get.
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    If I got started telling my dense moments, I might never stop.