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    She came up Wednesday and was talking about this video clip she had seen on a morning show about this lion reuniting with his former caretakers and how moving it was. So, I shared the story with her from snopes and the youtube video on Christian the lion (thanks to another board member who posted it). She cried and cried and went on about about that was just pure, unadulterated love.

    Now, other than clicking on a link in an email, my mom has never been to youtube. The next day (yesterday - Thursday), she went to youtube and searched and found the video and apparently watched it like half a dozen times.

    I called her yesterday and she answered in tears and she said, 'I need a support group.' :rofl:

    All because of Christian the lion. That really is a wonderful video and I watch it and tear up myself everytime. I was pretty surprised, though, that she reacted so strongly. She's an animal person, but not like me. I think we could all learn something from Christian.
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    How about we just share your Mom? Really..........I don't live that far away. :D

    That's so sweet. Funny. But sweet.

    Now you know what to get her for Christmas........either the book Born Free, or the Movie. :rofl: And a large supply of tissues. ;)
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    It is rare when we see very open displays of genuine affection, so when you see it from a 250+ pound lion toward a human it is moving indeed.......
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    Awwww, How sweet. Yep the video made me cry a lil myself. Its just simply amazing. Oh and I have the video Born Free that I got for my difficult child years ago. I want it in dvd format.
    The movie is from Columbia Pictures. Your Mom sounds sooooo sweet. :) I liked the video so much that I put it on my myspace profile fpr all to see. :)
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    Ohhhh Born Free! That was one of my favorite movies. I simply must get it I remember learning to play it on the piano so many years ago.
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    Lisa, I will happily share my mom with you. She cracks me up sometimes. I was pretty surprised at her reaction, but then she always cried at that game show when the people chose the right door. :rofl: The Born Free movie is a great gift idea for her. Thanks! I never know what to buy her. She's one of those what do you buy for someone who has everything.
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    I love that he introduced his mate to them!