My monster dogs upset our new cat!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by MidwestMom, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. SomewhereOutThere

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    We rescued a cat--she's no baby and she's very sweet and lives mostly upstairs with my daughter. Well, KitKat came down today and the dogs went ballistic. Poor thing was really spooked. I had to drag her from under the sofa and bring her upstairs. I checked on her a half hour ago and she was under my daughter's bed. Poor thing. I swear, my dogs can be so nasty.

    Suggestions? How long does it take for dogs and cats to live in peace? EVER?:(
  2. gcvmom

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    No idea since we have no dogs. Can you crate the dogs for a short time while the cat's in the same room? That would give the cat a chance to safely investigate on its terms without fear of being attacked. And then I'd think you'll have to also work on the dogs to teach them that the cat is off-limits. I'll bet eventually they'll all settle down, but it may take some time.

    My mom brings her dog over here periodically -- my cats are not afraid of it -- cautious and ready to smack it if it gets too close, but they don't run. Probably because they are on THEIR turf. I think your new cat needs to feel really safe in its new home before that will happen.
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    There may not be peace, but eventually there should be acceptance. lol It takes a while, tho. They'll work it out.
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    The dogs would bark in their crates and freak her out. She lived with a dog before, but not three of them. I'm going to check on her now, poor thing. Hope she's not traumatized! I want her to like it here!
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    What about introducing one dog at a time? Put the others outside and then put the new "friend" on a leash and let them spend 10 minutes together in the room. Any time the dog barks or whines, correct it and say NO.
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    My big dog (pictured) is a lummox. BUT every litter of kittens we've fostered? Uncle Casper has come into the bedroom, looked over the kittens and when they got out, gently placed them in his mouth and carried them back to the basket. One of those if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes moments. And he was tolerant of the kitten that has stayed - our Torbie. She was a dumpster find. She actually was submissive to the oldest pit bull - and that we think was a ploy on her part. Food is a huge motivator - or lack of it. She wasn't going to go any longer without a meal so she did what it took to stay in the home.

    Then there was Woody. My dream cat. Followed me home out of the WOods, grey & white with a pink nose. OH a cuddler. I loved him. But he took a hiss and spit/spat, then swiped for NO apparent reason at Casper and then it was ON. Casper wasn't letting it go and would have killed him eventually. WE tried everything for over two months and finally gave up and rehomed Woody. It broke my heart.

    I think within a month you will know if there is no way this will ever work out. Cats also take a LOT longer to warm up to new surroundings as a rule. But they are clever - she'll figure it out. But I like GCV moms suggestion and have used that before. We just sternly say BE NICE and mean what we say.

    THe pit and the cat actually have been seen playing outside - but I swear the minute they think they're being watched? It's like EWWWWWW a dog/cat. lol

    Good luck
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    Wee difficult child's dog and cat started out murderous to each other. Now they are best buds. The cat even nursed the dog for a while (talk about strange....) The dog (a male) has finally decided to "wean" the cat (also a male...). But the first month or two, we had to keep them in seperate rooms when they weren't supervised or someone wasn't going to survive. The cat grew and learned some "tactics" and now I sometimes wonder if the dog is going to survive...