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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Big Bad Kitty, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. Big Bad Kitty

    Big Bad Kitty lolcat

    I just had the best morning!

    I dropped off Tink at school. I had plans immediately afterwards to drive out to Streamwood to pick up a couple items that a lady was selling on Craigslist. It's about a 1/2 drive. I took that drive. Got my stuff. A few pretty floating shelves for Tink's room. A ceramic housing for a votive candle, shaped like a huge bunch of grapes (my whole kitchen is grapes).

    Stopped at the store, returned the grape curtains and rods that don't fit my window (my kitchen window is HUGE; I can't find cafe curtains to fit it anywhere. Sob.) and picked up 2 cheapie side tables to use as nightstands (2 for 19.99!!).

    THEN I went to Michaels (craft store) because last night, Tink was ready to take down all the Halloween decorations and put up the Christmas ones. She's a mess. Anyways, I know she will be bugging me to start doing Chritsmas crafts soon, so I thought I would stock up.

    I was immediately assaulted by very loud Christmas music and the overwhelming fragrance of cinnamon upon entering the store. I thought, good thing I do not have Tink with me. The sensory overload would have put her in a coma.

    I got past the loud, stinky part of the store and went about my shopping. I found some great bargains. Lots of easy ornaments to make. I also bought a plain wreath and a bunch of pretty, glittery picks with purple and silver snowflakes, leaves, berries, etc. for me to decorate my own wreath.

    I know, big deal, right? This is SO huge for me. I have not ventured out of my house like this in over 6 months. I have not spent time in a store (except breezing through the grocery) in close to a year. I have NEVER attempted a craft of that magnatude.

    This move has done WONDERS for me...
  2. KFld

    KFld New Member

    That is awesome. I'm so glad you were able to get out and enjoy yourself like that. I know I'm still having fun decorating my new place, and there is something I really want to get, but I'm of course argueing with myself over spending the money.

    I was at my old neighbors house last night visiting her daughter for Halloween as my house was the first one she could never wait to go to, and she had this really nice cabinet in her kitchen that holds her garbage pail. I know that doesn't sound very exciting, but it's really nice and I know where it would fit perfectly in my new kitchen, as well as hiding the garbage pail. It looks like a cabinet and it has a pull out front where the pail fits in, and then of course a spacious shelf on the top of the cabinet that I already know what I could put on it.

    She said it was probably around $120.00 and that is where my arguement comes in. Do I spend $120.00 on what is really just a garbage pail, but it's actually more like a nice piece of furniture?? I really can't stand having my garbage pail just sitting next to my counter and I don't have enough cabinet space to put it under my sink.

    I don't think it would take too much convincing for me to go buy myself a housewarming gift :smile: Everthing else in the house I pretty much took from the old house.
  3. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    :bravo: Yeah BBK - Good for you! I'm glad your first venture out to a store was an enjoyable one! :bravo:
  4. stepmom47

    stepmom47 New Member

    kfld....Ebay :):):):):
  5. Big Bad Kitty

    Big Bad Kitty lolcat

    I heart eBay. And Craigslist.
  6. stepmom47

    stepmom47 New Member

    I actually buy and sell on ebay for people. (And for myself of course):):)
  7. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful


    That's simply wonderful. :smile:

    It's the little things in life that make it all worth while. I'm glad you were able to get out and really enjoyed your shopping trip.

  8. rejectedmom

    rejectedmom New Member

    BBK great outing glad you had a good time maybe now you will want to do it more often. I too am an ebayer from way back. I used to pay for my family vacations that way. Latley i haven't been doing alot of selling but have been doing a bit of buying for this house. I just got the new tools to start selling again. Christmas is comming and I have an attic to clean out LOL -RM
  9. busywend

    busywend Well-Known Member

    BBK! Glad you enjoyed your adventure! I am thinking you will be doing this again sometime soon. It is good to do while Tink is at school. Some quiet peaceful browsing does wonders for the soul!

    KFLD - just go buy yourself the new garbage holder! I want one, too! I may tell boyfriend that is what I want for Xmas. I am a practical gift person. Does not have to be fancy for me to love it.
  10. mrscatinthehat

    mrscatinthehat Seussical

    BBK that is great. It is the little things that can make quite a difference. I could feel the happiness oozing out of your post.

  11. Steely

    Steely Active Member

    HAPPY, happy, day!!!!!!!!!! So glad for you............

    And to many more!
  12. SearchingForRainbows

    SearchingForRainbows Active Member


    I'm so happy you had such a great morning!!! It sounds like the magic of the season has drawn you in...

    I hope you find some curtains, with grapes on them of course, that fit your window!!! Is there someway you could make a curtain out of several smaller ones??? I don't sew so I really don't know what I'm talking about!!! WFEN
  13. AllStressedOut

    AllStressedOut New Member

    That sounds like an awesome day! Good luck on the wreath. Let us see a picture when you're all done. Sounds purrdy.
  14. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member


    Glad you got out and enjoyed! :smile:
  15. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    I just read your post from this morning!!! I am SO happy for you... did you ever think the little things in life could make you so happy?
    Just the peaceful getting out and getting some things for you and Tink! That is great! Projects are fun, even if they don't come out, umm, perfect... it is still fun to try. You don't strike me as someone who has a hard time making the most of a project!!! Turning it into your own creation!!!

    Me and the girls have been collecting leaves and photocopying them and then framing them... they come out really pretty. It is easy and I have found cheap frames. The girls get to search for leaves and lay them on the copier how they want... some flowers also.

    I am glad you are feeling good hope it keeps up!!!
  16. TerryJ2

    TerryJ2 Well-Known Member

    Way To Go! Sounded like a great adventure!

    You're right about the noise and smells ... apparently certain marketing gurus who are pd big bucks are the ones who decide that's the way to draw in and entertain customers, and then get them to spend $. Frankly, when I hit a place like that, I usually leave early with-o buying anything because it makes me crazy. Maybe I have Sensory Integration Disorder (SID).
    I have gone up to grocery store mgrs and told them that the stupic announcements about specials and salese are annoying. The employees practically applaud when customers do that, because they're stuck listening to it all day. The mgrs pass the buck and say that Corporate made them do it.
    But the more customers who say something, the more chance someone will listen.

    Anyway, your trip sounded magnificent. Have a wonderful time doing Christmas decorations together!
  17. timer lady

    timer lady Queen of Hearts


    Sounds like my kind of morning .... I too, hadn't done something like that in the longest time. So far my longest outings have lasted a couple of hours at best. I know that I could spend hours in Michael's if I had the right kind of walker.

    I'm going for the stamina instead of a different walker if I can pull it off.

    This brings back memories of when the tweedles were first here - each year we made a special tweedle family ornament; then husband, myself & each of the kids made an ornament for the year. The last 2 years just haven't happened because of one happenstance or another.

    I wonder if I can get anyone interested in it again this year.

    Thanks for sharing your time out - I'm glad you had such a good morning. Thanks for reminding me of a few things I should get back on the positive side of family life.
  18. Lothlorien

    Lothlorien Active Member

    good for you. Sounds like you had a great time.

    I get those glass Christmas ornaments for the kids each year and the fill them with glitter, shapes, chennille, glitter glue. They give them as Christmas gifts. I take a gold paint pen and put their initials on the bottom and the year. My family loves them.

    I don't know about Tink, but Missy absolutely cannot handle Christmas deco up until the week before. It's too much sensory and too much anxiety. The build up is just too much for her and she can't handle it. I have to keep our house calm and as normal as possible until the weekend before. Then she does okay.
  19. Big Bad Kitty

    Big Bad Kitty lolcat

    Well, I gotta tell ya. Tink is driving me BATTY.

    She saw the Michael's ad, which prompted me to go there. When I picked her up from school yesterday, she asked if we could go there. I told her that I had already gone. So the second that we got in the door, she started asking if we could make ornaments.

    I said "Look, there are 55 days till Christmas, don't you EVEN rush it on me." She says "well we can do some each day". Yeah. like I bought enough stuff to make 55 days worth of ornaments.

    I just had to laugh. This kid could do crafts for HOURS and not get tired of it. But then, yeah, the overstimulation gets her.

    Thank you all for your kind words and support. I am not a shopper, at all. I HATE the stores. So this was monumental for me.
  20. nvts

    nvts Active Member

    I'm so glad that you got out for a little while! I go into Michaels and I just about hit my coma limit and I don't have any sensory issues except for the allergy that I have to 3 little kids!


    While it was your health keeping you in, it's been me having to be totally accessible for difficult child 3's school to call me to pick her up AND the fact that I can't work because they'll call ACS (child protective services) if I don't get her right away.

    Ahhhh, the NYC school system - gotta love it!!!

    But I thank you my friend, for starting to awaken my holiday spirit - the last 3 or 4 months have been a nightmare, and you are continually the light at the end of the tunnel! :angel:

    My mantra used to be: better days are coming! Now it's "how did I do this :censored2: while I was working!!!"

    Happy Crafting! I stink at that kind of stuff, but I'm always willing to try (I always glue stuff to something that wasn't even involved in the craft and I failed "scissors" in kindergarten!!!). :sad:

    Thanks for the brightener!