My Ms. Katy is now lumpless!

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    An interesting day in the life of Ms. Katy! Katy is the Boston in my avatar, my little chubby one who is smarter than a lot of people I know! I have never seen a dog who was so full of love, so bubbling over with happiness and joy, so excited over just being alive and having a good time! She loves people, ALL people, and has been known to introduce herself to total strangers!

    Bostons are prone to getting skin problems when they get older and Katy is almost eight now so I wasn't too surprised to find two little skin tags on her. She had one on her elbow that looked like a little pink wart and another on her neck right above her collar that looked just like a tick peeping out of her fur! I wasn't too worried about these two because they appeared to be harmless skin tags. But then I found a real lump, about the size of a fingertip, down under the skin, right in her armpit! This one scared me to death because it's right where her lymph glands are! I took her in to the vet on Saturday and he couldn't tell by feeling it if it was a lump or a swollen lymph gland that might be cancerous, so it needed to come out and he scheduled her surgery for this morning. Ms. Katy loves to eat so she was not pleased when she couldn't eat or drink after 8 pm last night! I took her in this morning and she greeted the staff with her usual joyous abandon. She's a very popular girl at her vet's office! When I picked her up a few hours later she was awake but sort of dazed, sitting there with her tongue hanging out! She now has three 2"x2" squares shaved into her hair with stitches in the centers ... but no more lumps! He removed the two skin tags because the one on her neck had been rubbing on her collar. I didn't think he would take off the one on her elbow because that's a bad place to have stitches,but he did. But the good news is that he's very confident that the lump in her arm pit was a harmless fatty tumor, NOT a lymph gland. Bostons get fatty tumors a lot. They saved it in a little plastic bag and it looked almost like a little piece of fat that you would cut off of a steak or something!

    I carried her home like a little basket case and she slept for a while with her tongue hanging out. Then, still woozie, she staggered like a little drunk off to the kitchen to get a drink. She's pretty much back to normal now and doesn't seem to be in too much pain but I gave her some of her pain medications just to be sure. The funny part is that while she was unconscious, they did some of the things to her that Ms. Katy usually doesn't allow. She woke up to find that her toenails had been clipped and her teeth had been cleaned! I don't know if she realizes that her teeth were clean but she knows her toenails have been cut and she seems rather ****** about it! She keeps examining her toenails closely, licking her feet, and giving me dirty looks. I think she's trying to figure out how she went to the vet, fell asleep, and then woke up with short, neat toenails - all without her permission! But at least she's OK, and that is such a relief!
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    So glad she's ok. I really laughed about the toenails. :rofl: Too funny!