My neighbor fell....(the one I was helping)

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    My 92 year old neighbor fell yesterday night. Her daughter came running over and pounding on my door. She said "mama fell" she had her phone and I said did you call 911 and she said no so I grabbed it and called. I went up to her and she was out like a light. that place is so crammed and the pee towels are at the top of the stairs so I was worried about the emt's coming in and falling on that. her legs were under a shelf that has no business being in that little tiny bedroom. water had been spilled all over when she fell and she was in the puddle. I was so scared but assessed her and luckily she was on her side so I didn't have to turn her to her side if she vomited. She started waking and wasn't making a ton of sense but clearly knew it was me, she missed me and where was I and she loves me so much....oh she is a heart breaker. I just stroked her hair. she didn't want 911 and I didn't give her a choice. she was not getting up. she said she felt sick and so just laid down...ummmm, how do you explain the bloody mouth (she says it happened when she ate, she bites her mouth because she had an operation to fix a nerve problem, yes that happens to her, not this time) and how do you explain the bright red (inside where the white is) eye and the brused face (one whole side of her chin/lower cheek) she must have just crashed down.

    When they checked her, she refused to let them help, she scooted on her but from teh bathroom into her bedroom, they like snickered because she was so stubborn.

    They were shocked by the clutter, I said, well are you mandated reporters? I already called. I told them she had PHNursing but still???? I talked to daughter about it and she said that it is mama who makes her do that. UMMMM if the dogs were let out, that wouldn't be needed. One little pee pad for accidents but they dont need the entire top landing plus a spot downstairs for that.

    She is fine, thank God, but next time???? Her daughter took her to the doctor, or she said she was going to. We both told her she did not just lie down, she admitted she didn't remember. Well, her feistyness saved her from the nazi's and many other terrible situations so guess we can't ask her to stop now.

    The next day her daughter had an anxiety attack. too early for her medications to be working and so of course she wants to drink. yikes. she has her first therapy appointment today thank heaven.

    I feel so badly for them, growing older should not be so hard. I did not go over after it was done and will not today. I will certainly help if they call, I am good in emergencies and it calms her. just feel for them.
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    Scary. mother in law was like that.

    Medics are mandatory reporters. Hopefully they'll report too. Her safety is an issue, obviously.

    It is devastatingly hard for the elderly to give up their independence. I don't blame them either. I can't say I'd be too eager to do it either. But it can be frustrating when family and friends and neighbors have to watch and know it's a safety issue.

    There was once when I had to break into mother in law's house because I didn't have the key (can't remember why) and she had fallen in her bedroom and wasn't answering the phone. She said she'd been there over night........bad enough..........but how dehydrated she was when she got to the ER said she'd been there longer than over night. I tried to call her daily as did sister in law......but due to schedules sometimes I missed a day without realizing it. :(